Being a yoga lover, you might be looking for some yoga-specified or post-yoga workout recipes which can give your body a balanced and potential strength. The best you can have just after or before a yoga session is a balanced-taste healthy blended smoothie or healthy appetizer. Here are these three specially designed blender recipes with those ingredients which are best for the yoga lovers. 

Why you need specific blender recipes if you are a yoga lover?

If you are a yoga lover, it requires a different kind of energy to perform long yoga sessions and again a specific kind of diet for that. Health conscious people like to be specific with their diet plans. You surely know about how different kind of body development and exercises require a specific diet proportion or a certain balance of nutrients in it. It changes according to what kind of physical and mental workouts you had been put through or going to. Then, why it should be any less with Yoga? 

Rather, yoga practices require more internal strength, focus, and determination, stretching of body, stability and stamina. It is obvious why the diet should be different than any other kind of physical exercises or activities. Diet charts tend to change even according to your daily routine and with minute details like how many walks a day, what kind of work you do or how much sitting you have to do throughout the whole day. It is necessary to understand how different diets and nutrients combinations serve to certain kind of body development like it can be muscular tissue growth or internal energy. If you are a yoga lover, you need to give it a significance of how important for you to choose certain recipes which are accustomed to yoga lovers. 

Why choose Blender recipes or drinks for the pre-yoga or post-yoga diets?

Any kind of eating healthy snack or salad and any other appetizer other than smoothies, juices and drinks will be difficult to digest as compared to healthy fluid-based health appetizers. It is as simple as that! A lot of doctors suggest to not intake anything before or after heavy exercises. It is quite similar with the Yoga as well, but drinks are a great way to keep you hydrated, transfer all the nutrients along with minerals to the body which be absorbed faster than any other solid food. Even in that, healthy blender smoothies are a perfect fit for the description on either sides, it is a bit bulky, enough to give you strength and feel content at the stomach. It gives you initial strength and keeps you hydrated. It works the same for the pre or post-yoga diets. 

3 Blender Recipes for Yoga lovers 

  1. Green vegan high protein blender smoothie 

Protein is necessary whether you are doing high-intensity exercises or Yoga which requires persistence, patience, body strength and feeling of being full with your digestion and stomach. So this blender smoothie is high at protein due to leafy greens, banana and nut butter. It is perfect vegan smoothie to begin your day with before starting your yoga session. To make this, you need a ripe banana. Leafy greens whatever you like to add, hemp powder, cocoa powder, unsweetened coconut milk or almond milk, chocolate chips and ice cubes as well. It is easy you just have mixed everything in the blender and mix it up. 

2. Green from A to Zen Blender Smoothie 

The very name of the blender smoothie clearly implies that it gets things in your body ‘A to Zen’. It works like that! The Green from A to Zen smoothie is a full meal replacement for your body contains all the nutrients required in a balanced diet. Don’t worry as it not going to be heavy to your stomach and that’s the best part as well. It is a great pre and post yoga smoothie to have and even not worry skipping breakfast or anyone meal as well. 

It dramatically beneficially affects your breathing system and gives you internal strength without burden to your stomach. You need ingredients like the handful of fresh spinach, frozen blueberries, coconut water, frozen pineapple, unsweetened hemp powder, the chia seeds, shredded coconut and nothing more for this awesome blender smoothie. You need to combine all ingredients except chia seeds and blend it all. After serving, you can add chia seeds as the sprinkling on the smoothie. 

3. Hydrating Post-Yoga Green Apple Blender Smoothie 

yoga green apple smoothie blender recipe

This is more specifically a post-yoga blender smoothie which will charge you up after a long yoga session. However, there is nothing harm to have this before the yoga sessions. It also helps to keep you hydrated and energized so you will be able to utilize your body well in yoga postures. It is also a great smoothie for a headache, hangover or migraine as it quickly makes you get rid of these. This will never let you feel less of yourself and low-esteemed which will not be good for attending yoga sessions or any other work as well. 

You need medium green apples chopped in pieces, chopped celery stalks, freshly grated ginger, kale leaves, coconut milk or almond milk and ice cubes or just water. All these need to go down in the blender and go for a spin. It is a perfect blender smoothie for all time actually. It prevents you from being lazy and distracted from work. It also is a great solution for chronic headaches due to work or stress.  

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