While using an electric appliance, one should expect some unusual and unforeseen issues. Sometimes these issues are stated in the user manual and sometimes not. How many of you have noticed Hamilton Beach 51101BA blender gives a smoke smell during or after use?

Why does blender smell like burning?

There are multiple reasons for this weird smell from a blender. I will share them one by one with my readers.

1. Overheating

Not only blenders but every electric appliance is heated at some point. When electricity passes from a wire, it produces heat. If there is some material on the motor of blenders like oil droplets or some other material that burns with heat, then smoke or burning smell is produced. Excessive heat can even produce visible smoke of that material.

2. Lubricants

In electric appliances, there is the use of lubricant oils. These oils help to function the appliance better and reduce inter part friction. An excessive amount of this oil may flow out of some part of the blender, and with heat, it burns and produces a smell.

3. Hard and sticky material blending

Sometimes we overload the blender with hard or sticky materials that cause them to work hard and produce excessive heat in less time. This can cause burning of above-mentioned materials and sometimes even the rubber covering of the wire, and plastic body of the motor is affected by excessive heat. This heat is enough to melt a plastic body that results in the smoke smell.

4.Wrong wiring

If the wire inside your blender’s motor is broken, wrongly attached or touching the surface of the plastic body then it will cause heat production and burning of anything that comes in contact with the point of heat production. This can be insulation of wires of the plastic body of the motor. I have faced this problem with my beautiful Vitamix Professional series 750. It is an excellent blender, but its wire was cut by some insect or mouse. I didn’t know about it; when I turned it on for routine blending, it started giving an unusual smell. When I went into deeper detail to find out the problem, I discovered its insulation is damaged by a naughty mouse wandering in my house.

5. Short circuit




Solutions to the problem

Every problem has a solution. If your blender is giving this smoke smell and you want to get rid of this, then you have to follow simple steps.

  1. First of all, find out the root cause. Completely check motor from every side including the bottom. Remove the bottom lid if needed. Try to recall if when it did first gave such smell.
  2. If the reason is simply overheating, just start operating your blender with pauses. Do not run it continuously for more than 30-45 seconds. Give a break of at least 15 seconds after ever spell of 30 seconds. That will help you to handle the overheating issue.
  3. If the problem lies in dripping of excessive lubricant, then use a dry wipe to clean excessive oil. Repeat the procedure 2,3 times. Run the blender again and see if the problem is resolved.
  4. Adding too much material or sticky material that causes a motor to work harder is not fair with a blender. Even Blendtec classic 575 would not bear this kind of exercise.
  5. There are chances that you fail to discover the problem or you discover it, but it’s not possible to resolve it without professional help than don’t take it easy and immediately take it to the customer care center of your blender’s brand. Don’t forget to take your warranty card with you. (if still applicable)


Prevention is better than cure, they say. So isn’t it more reasonable to avoid problems in the first place? Let see how we can do that when it comes to our blenders.

  1. Precaution starts from making a selection of your blender. Make sure you have bought a quality product. A good branded blender can save you from many future problems including this smoke smell thing.
  2. Always clean your blender properly from inside out. Do not ignore its motor. You should clean it with a dry cloth. Remove every dust and dirt from it.
  3. Keep your blender away from water. Water drops can cause a short circuit. And minor short circuits start with smoke production.
  4. Keep your blender at a safe place where insects or mice can’t play with its wires. I wonder if insulation gives them a taste of bubble-gum. Maybe!
  5. Do not overfill your jug. Have patience. Blender is all yours. You can use it twice or even thrice.
  6. Run your blender with adequate power supply. Running it at low power can cause damage to its wires.


The purpose of the above discussion was to give maximum information to my readers about possible hazards associated with blenders giving smoke smell and what precautions can be made to avoid this situation. Some good brands of blenders are mentioned as well.

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I hope this will provide you helpful information and will create a little ease in your lives a little. Have a Happy Kitchen!

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