Many people are struggling with heart troubles these days. The trouble includes issues like high blood pressure, obesity, high cholesterol etc.  Along with that, there are lots of cases where people are on the edge of getting diabetes like issues. However, they are going with different diets and medicines.   Well, there is an option which can reduce and prevent all issues related to heart, not just it’s effective, but also it’s free too. That effective method is also known as walking. There are several people who follow their diet, take precautions and do walking. Not just it helps but also they get multiple other benefits too.

What should you add in a diet to cure your heart?

Proper diet cannot just prevent heart troubles, but also it helps your body to stay fit. Also, you just don’t have to avoid foods which are unhealthy but also have to choose the food which can help your body get nutrients. There are lots of things that you can add in your diet, so you can get the proper nutrient levels.  Avocado has the highest monounsaturated and polyunsaturated like fats which are counted as healthy fats.  Along with that, you should also add blueberry, dark chocolate, celery, green tea, fish and flaxseed which are highly recommended for the heart curing foods. 

Also, you can blend the different ingredients together or find recipes for making smoothies for yourself. Well, you are going to need some high tech blender for making the smoothies and mixing all healthy ingredients well together.  But make sure you do not depend on it completely. Smoothies cannot just help alone; you are going to take care of other things too. Your body needs to use the calories and nutrients you consume. 

The benefits that you can get just by walking: why you must do that!

Walking is counted as one of the most effective options which help your body to consume the nutrients well. Along with that , it helps your heart to work more which pump the bloods and help you to get a healthy overall  body. Apart from that, there are millions of other reasons why people choose to walk. Here are a few listed benefits that you must know:

walking for heart and health

•    Walking helps in reducing the bad LDA

There are two types of fat, i.e. Bad and healthy. Bad fats such as LDA can cause a high risk of heart attacks. Well, by walking help you in decreasing the level of bad fats inside your body, also help in boosting the level in good cholesterol or HDL.  Because of which the chance of you is getting a stroke or heart attacks decreases, the effect of walking is similar to the jogging.

•    It can reduce the weight and burn extra fat 

Weight is another reason because of which most of people have heart issues. Not just it’s bad for your heart, but also too much weight can cause other different health issues too. Well, people tend to go to the gym, do heavy exercise and other heavy stuff. However, if you don’t want that, you can simply do walking every day. Walking for an hour or just for 30 minutes can create a difference a lot. Also, it helps in burning the fat that you have in your body which automatically decreases the heart issues.

•    The chances of diabetes are much lesser 

Diabetes is not a new term, people have this issue, and it’s basically because of too much carelessness in their diet. Diabetes is also dangerous for your heart, and it causes the highest risk of heart stroke and heart failure. For preventing diabetes, you should walk every day. Along with getting rid of diabetes, your body will stay fit and maintained. It’s also helpful for you to not get anything else which can harm your body.

•    Help in improving the mood

Well, the heart gets mostly affected due to the stress, and longtime stress can cause too much risk here. Not just that, it affects your body and makes you more sensitive which can get sick more often as normal people. However, walking can help you in protecting yourself.  There is no doubt that these days people are going through so many things all together. There is various kind of stress from jobs, family, love life, career etc. your body needs time to heal and so do your heart. Walking is the best solution which let you stay calm and make your heart pump steady. It reduces the stress from your body which also eliminates other health issues that come with stress. 

Walking cause the endorphin builds up inside your body which is a hormone that helps you in feeling positive and happy. Well when you go out, cut yourself from all kind of distraction and get comfortable shoes.

•    Walking help you in getting vitamin D

Vitamin D plays an important part when it comes to preventing diabetes and controlling health problems. Not just it helps your body to get the energy, but also your body stays more active. Along with that, it decreases the amount of bad cholesterol too.  Not only your heart but vitamin D are also good for your lungs and also help your immune system to work better. That’s why you must do the walking but also makes sure to get some sunscreen if you don’t want any tan once you are done with walking.

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