In cold winters, your body craves for some warmth which can be in the form of some nutritious hot food. And certainly, nothing could be better than a cup of soup. It is necessary to provide warmer and nutritious food in winters for a healthy heart. There are nutritious homemade recipes here which are easy to make for a healthy heart on a cold day; you can find comfort in. The soups for cold days are supposed to be satisfying for your taste buds and nutritious value as well. You might have been struggling to get the perfect tummy-warming recipe, just like mom used to make. Get these best soup recipes for a healthy heart for cold days.

  1. Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup

This probably is the best combination of taste and nutrition, especially for cold chilling winters. It is quite quick, simple and easy to make at home. The creamy chicken noodle soup already sounds too much delicious, and it tastes delicious when served burning-hot in winters. You just need some condensed cream, fresh chopped vegetables, some herbs, bread crumbs and chicken pieces to make this dish. You just need to mix it all up in a hot water and let it be cooked until the consistency is thick and creamy in texture. You better get the best blender for soups which will come quite handy in winters. Bread crumbs or chicken pieces can be added a bit later. It is complete family soup for winters.

  • Vegetarian Split Pea Soup

This might be sent you back to your childhood days when mother used to make those protein-rich, creamy and delicious split pea soups on winter days. It used to be on special demand or sometimes just at the time when your tummy needed some warm, delicious food. It is still so much delicious and relevant to include in your winter soup meals. It is quite easy to make which fat-free, low-carbohydrate and high protein and fibre soup. You just need diced peas, some spices, herbs to make this soup.

  • Cheesy Potato and Ham Soup

Cheesy potato and ham soup is an all-time loved soup which is highly rich in carbohydrate and full of energy. It is great for kids and even for people who are really fond of cheese, potato and even both. You need to add small pieces of cooked ham, cheddar cheese, potatoes chunks and simmer it in a creamy soup. It is mouth-watering and yet extremely healthy and energy-giving meal for frozen days.

tom yum soup
  • Vegetable  Tom Yum  Soup

Tom Yum Soup is one of the most popular and traditional soups in Thailand. This is a vegetarian version of the Tom Yum Soup with the high ideal taste of ‘hot and sour’. It contains high potassium, vitamins, protein, fibre and lot of nutritious value due to the ingredients like tomatoes, ginger, soya sauce, lemongrass, tofu and mushrooms. It is perfectly hot, delicious soup needed in frosty days, just what you want to taste at those times.

  • Roasted Broccoli Soup

The rich and classic flavour of multi-vitamin and fibre rich roasted broccoli soup is always comforting in winters. You just need one bowl for a day to get things running as it is highly nutritious, especially if you in diet or cautious about it. You just need some roasted broccoli, stalk celery, carrots, onions, shallots, chicken broth, bread and milk to make this hot serving.

  • Creamy Tomato Soup

How can someone Miss Tomato soup when it comes to best soup recipes for winters. It can be made in around half an hour, especially if you have the best blender for soups. You can make it even better with adding cream to it. The bright-colour, rich-looking, delicious, hot and sour soup is great for winter lunch. People who really like something lightweight meal in winters but full of warmth. It can be a great lunch for a get-together in winters. You need diced tomatoes blended with cream, herbs and some other minutely chopped vegetable if you want to add.

  • Salmon Chowder

A delicious hot bowl of fresh salmon chowder is a great winter night meal which can be served with bread, crackers, toasts and biscuits as well. You can use either the fresh salmon for the making of chowder or can go for canned salmon as well. The fish can be combined with the chicken broth, light cream, cheese, potatoes and some vegetable of your choices will be quite perfect for the recipe.

  • Black Bean Tortilla Soup

Black bean Tortilla soup is a perfect custom-made winter soupy meal which can be fed to warm your tummy. What you need to do is combine black beans, soft tortilla stripes and corn in a thick consistency tomato broth. You need to make it rich with the Mexican spices. Some amount of shredded cheese and taco fixing will do the great topping for a diet cheat. It is again delicious hot soup with bit tanginess and fibre-rich black beans. The soup will be a great evening or night food in winters which are highly rich in proteins, fibres and vitamins.

There is a whole different range of hot serving soup recipes, but you only need to make sure that it is according to your diet. It turns out more significant when you are replacing your meal or meals with a soup meal. Make sure it is full of all nutrients for your body, and that should be according to winters. Don’t miss to pick the tasty ones, that’s important as well.

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