Well, it’s important for human to have a good poop and also it affects your health too. There are lots of things that you ate the whole day which sometimes cause problems like constipation.  Not just that, a healthy stomach is important to digest all things and get the nutrients well.  There are lots of smoothies that you can try for getting the healthy poop; also they help you in keeping your digestion improved, so you don’t face any other problem in future as well.

Here are the tricks that can make you a pro in making smoothies

Drinking smoothies are an efficient way to get the perfect balance in your digestion system. However, if you are new to this, then there are few things that might help you in getting the best versions in smoothies. You can try these tricks to make the smoothie, healthy, tasty and also effective on your health

•    Add nut butter: For having the thicker smoothie, you can add the nut butter. There are different nut butter such as peanut or almond.  If you got the high performance and tech blender, you could even make it at your home.’

•    Don’t get too leafy: When you are making a green smoothie, it’s important for you to follow the recipes.  Don’t add too many leaves as you want more nutrients in your smoothie. It’s important for your smoothie to get blend perfectly too.

•     Add grains:  If you don’t want to use frozen things, then you should add oatmeal or quinoa. Not just it has an amazing source of fiber and protein, but also it can make your smoothie thicker

•    Choose blending options: Here you wither get high blending or low blending. It’s important for you to understand which you want to get your smoothie blend, but it also depends on the type of blender you have. However, stat with low blending option instead of high as it will help the ingredients to get a mix together.  Once you feel that everything is mixed, switched to high blending option

•    Add dairy:  You can add organic dairy in your smoothie. Also, yogurt is the best option that you get if you want something which can make your smoothie thicker as well as creamy. For having the high protein, you can simply switch to the Greek yogurt.

•     Add the liquids:  If the smoothie is too thick, water is might be an option. However, if you want to add nutrients, then you must add the milk, soy or dairy. Also, you can add the juice as well, for that you can get juice on your own too instead of buying it from the market.  Apart from that, there are few ingredients which have its own water such as cucumber and watermelon. Not just they are good for health, but also you can get more nutrients in your smoothie.

Recipes that you can try for curing constipation

There are different issues that people face when they are suffering from constipation. It’s not just uncomfortable, painful but also drains energy from your body. Smoothies can help you in getting your energy back and help your bowel movement to stay healthy

Here are a few recipes for getting rid of some issues related to constipation:

1.    For stopping the constipation

If you are going to the toilet again and again, then you are suffering from constipation. Also, the poop is difficult to pass on and cause a too much uncomfortable feeling.  Well you can get rid of that by following this recipe

What you need:

•    Dried prunes (6 )

•    Organic apple juice (1 cup)

•    Crushed ice ( 1 cup)

•    Organic yogurt or kefir ( 1 cup)

•    Nutmeg ( pinch )

•    Cinnamon powder (¼ tsp.)

How you can make it: Well for making it you are going to need a blender first. Make sure you don’t invest your money in any blender as use the best one that you can get.  First, you must add the ice and then add everything together. You will get the smoothie ready within a minute; drink it as soon as you can.

2.    For stopping stinky poops

It’s one of the worst things that you can get when you are in constipation. Well, the smell of the pop depends on what you ate last night or day before which means that you might not eat healthy things. For making the smoothie which can rid of the stinky poops , here is what you should follow:

What you need:

•     Lemon ( 1)

•    Cucumber ( 1)

•    Crushed ice ( 1 cup)

•    Carrots ( 1)

•    Celery stalks (2)

•    Aloe Vera juice (2 tsp.)

How you make it:  Add everything together but before that add the crushed ice in the blender. Start blending and keep the process on until you get your smoothie to drink.

3.     How to stop the binder

If you are spending most of the time in your toilet, then you are going to need something which can help you in controlling the loose poops. It’s not bad for you , but you also might feel weak. Here is the recipe that you need:

What you need:

•    Oat milk ( 1 cup)

•    Steel cut oats (1/2 cup)

•    Raspberry kefir (1/4 cup)

•    Frozen banana ( 1)

•     Cinnamon (1 tsp.)

•    Plain and organic yogurt (2 tsp.)

How you make it:  add every ingredient together in your blender and let it blend for a few seconds. Once you are done, you will get a smooth texture and it’s all set to drink.

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