Crushing ice is a common activity in the kitchen. Crushed ice is needed for any types of servings like juices, cocktails, fruit shakes, instant cooling of water, etc. It is also used to pack ice cream making drums. It is used to keep the platter of desert cool in an outdoor party or at a buffet. 

Ice is also crushed to make an ice pack be applied on a bruise. Crushed ice has a significant role in our daily life. An important question arises here that what is the best way to crush the ice with minimum effort. 

How to crush ice?

At large scales like in restaurants or industries, there are different methods to crush ice in large quantities. But, there are two major ways to crush the ice in common kitchen at home level and today’s focus is guiding my reader about the best techniques to crush the ice in their kitchen. 

1. Crushing the ice without a blender

When you try crushing the ice without a blender, you have to put effort into it. You have to find a neat, suitable extra towel and wrap the ice in it. Then by using a hammer or wooden mallet bash it hard. If you miss the ice, it may hurt your hand or take a chip off the floor or kitchen shelf. In short crushing ice without a blender is a mess. 

It will produce noise, and you don’t want it if your baby just slept or you have a guest at the house. Crushing ice without a blender is not a suitable idea unless you don’t have any other choice. 

2. Crushing the ice with a blender

Crushing the ice with a suitable blender is the best choice of all. It is a reliable and efficient method. Although every blender is not suitable for crushing the ice but Best blenders to crush the ice have some distinct features.

I will be discussing those features in detail that will help you to equip your kitchen with better appliances. When life is advancing why not our kitchens?

Best blenders to crush the ice

While selecting a blender for ice crushing, following features of the blenders should be considered while assigning them the job of ice crushing,

  1. Jug of the blender should be of glass material instead of plastic. Because ice makes plastic material hard and brittle. When ice cubes hit the walls of the jug, it will be shattered. 
  2. Stainless steel jug is another right choice to crush the ice. It is made up of unbreakable material so it will not be affected by ice hitting while spinning. 
  3. The best blenders to crush the ice have a minimum of 400 watts of the motor. Blenders having fewer watts of power will not do this heavy duty job nicely.
  4. Their blades should be sharp and thick to handle hard ice. 

Innovative blender brands

Some new brands have been introduced in the market that is specialized for crushing of ice, and these have separate buttons for ice crushing (Coarse or fine). Most of them have stainless steel jugs. They are stronger and heavy duty as compared to normal food processors. 

Tips to crush ice in blender effectively

Here are a few tips that will make your ice crushing experience in a blender much easier. 

  1. Put smaller ice cubes inside the jug. Don’t use very large pieces. It will put a greater load on blades. It will also create hindrance in the operation of the blender. 
  2. Keep ice cubes out of the fridge for 3-4 minutes. These ice cubes will be crushed better than ice cubes that are put instantly after taking out of the fridge. 
  3. If you are in a hurry and can’t wait for ice cubes to stay 2-3 minutes out of the fridge, then add a small amount of water in the cubes and blend right away. 
  4. Do not load the jug fully with ice cubes; let the ice cubes jump around the jug. Crushed ice has a greater surface area and needs more space.
  5. Hold the jug handle while crushing the ice, it will ensure the strong anchorage of the jug on the motor. And will not let the jug shake off with strong jerks. 
  6. Never use a food processor in place of a blender; it will be damaged completely. Blades will not process the food any longer. Because they are not designed for crushing ice. 
  7. Hand operated blenders to crush the ice are also not recommended. They also require more effort. Although some brands are claiming better results, I have not tried any of them since I have an electric blender and that is doing a great job for me.


Before buying any kitchen appliance, you should do a little research about that product. In these days it’s really easy to do it on the internet instead of going from shop to shop. Buy it from a shop or order online but buy the best blender to crush the ice. It will cost you a little higher but will save your time, energy and effort. Invest in the right thing once and enjoy it later. The manual method of crushing the ice is less efficient, time-consuming, messy and difficult while using a blender provides easy, effective and quick results. So which blender will you order today? 

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