Smoothies in summers are the best way to freshen yourself. Especially, when you know to make a healthy smoothie, nothing you can need more to cherish your summers with.  Well, you might find it odd that smoothies and red wine are the way to opposite regarding their nature. But rest assured, here is how you can make a perfect smoothie recipe with red wine to enjoy in summers, and the best part, they are quite healthy. 

Making a perfect healthy smoothie recipe with Red Wine 

You are certainly making this smoothie recipe for adults as using the red wine. But to make sure it will be perfectly healthy red wine smoothie, you need to get a very fine bottle of red wine. You need to add loads of red fruits, strawberries or any other fruit berry flavours as well. Choosing the right fruit for the flavours is necessary. Also, make sure the fruits will be highly fresh and organically grown for the best test. Some people often get it from their organic farms which might be the best to do if you have one. If you want to prevent it from being too much fruity or highly sweetened, you can just add pinches of rosemary. The balance between too much fruity and berry flavour is the perfect base you can get for this healthy smoothie. 

Always remember to wash the fruits properly while choosing the fruits, even when they are packaged well or preserved. It is a healthier approach towards any contained fruits and vegetable. After getting fresh fruits, berries and rosemary, you need to have some Greek yogurt which will neutralize the strong tone of wine bite and extra sweetness from the berries. Do not miss to have some amount of honey as well which further gives a mellow flavour to the fruits. For mixing this, get the best blender like 1100-watt countertop Ninja Professional Blender which also fits into your pocket and works best with such kind of smoothies to make.  Now all you need to do is open that fine red wine bottle and pour some to your smoothie blender or the vessel. You can add more fresh but frozen mixed berries to get more flavour of it. The amount is something you can decide according to the level of fruitiness and ‘berry’ flavour you love to have. Greek yogurt is next to put in the vessel or the blender along with honey you have reserved. Now it is all easy as you just required blending it all. A good blender choice will make your process and taste of the smoothie with better consistency and texture. A perfect red wine smoothie is all ready to be enjoyed anytime you want. You can put in those short jar mugs and take away with you. It can be served in house parties, get-togethers and other occasions as well. 

One of the best qualities of this red wine health smoothie is how much healthy it is due to the fresh fruits, honey and yogurt and even the red wine which acts just like a charm to it. If you are guessing that it might be not as delicious as those nutrition-less smoothies, you will be really surprised to taste it. You don’t have to be a big fan of red wines or even smoothies to like this one. It is an easy, healthy and red wine cocktail smoothie recipe which can be the best thing you can get in a hot summer. 

red wine healthy smoothie recipes

Health Benefits of Red Wine Smoothies 

There are two kinds of foodies in the world. One is the people with taste-preferences and the second are the people with health-preferences. Things have been made like health and taste are the two different things or the worst poles-apart. These red wine smoothies are the perfect example of a healthy summer drink with red wine as primary ingredients. Fresh berries and fruits provide you the high level of vitamins, fibres and minerals. Yogurt is a great source of protein. Honey is a great anti-oxidant and highly effective in your digestive system. Red fine is really good for your heart, blood pressure and some time for the peace of your mind as well. 

Various Red Wine Smoothies 

There are various red wine smoothies you can try at home and surprise your family or friends. Show them what a great blender, a perfect recipe and good chef can do, especially something chilling and exciting with their summer drinks. There are various other red wine smoothies such as Raspberry chocolate red wine smoothie; another smoothie made up with Moscato and berries and more. You can also use fruit combinations complimenting each other with a combination of red wine, such as pineapple and mango. You can also make more heavy at the chocolate berry flavour of it. 

With smoothies, you can actually experiment with different kind of fruits, berries and flavours. Red wine combines with different flavours and fruits very specifically, so you will get a different range of tastes with different health smoothies. You can try it for the guest as home and make it customize according to the people’s favourite fruit or flavour. All you need to find out is the right amount and right combinations of fruits and ingredients to the red wine in a healthy summer smoothie. Rest, whatever the new smoothie you will customise can  be really popular among your friends and family. Especially people will love to know that these smoothies are as tasty as health and all with a fine bottle of red wine in it.

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