When it comes to making smoothies, people who are absolute health conscious get too much shy to use the nuts as it contains high fats.  However, nuts are actually healthy for your health and also have tons of benefits which can help you in many different ways. Also adding nuts correctly with the other food also help in boosting its best sides. Not just that, adding nuts with the smoothie you make can help you in adding healthy fats, protein, fiber and satiating 

What you should know about healthy fats and how nuts are healthy 

There are two basic types that you get; it is either bad fats or good fats. The bad one causes fat and cholesterol in your body whereas the good one is the need of your body. Well, it’s important to make sure that your body is consuming healthy fat or good fat which is also made with the monounsaturated and polyunsaturated, two fats that you find in plants.  Along with being healthy and natural fat, these are also extremely good for your heart.   These help in reducing bad LDL, cholesterol and stabilize the food sugar levels in the body.  They also contain the properties which make these fats anti-inflammatory. 

When it comes to nuts, you get good fat which is one of the required things in the human diet. Well also it contains things which make it recommended to consume, such as:

•     They have a high level in unsaturated fats which have benefits for the heart and help it make your heart protected. Not just it protects your heart from bad effects but also keeps the risk of cardiovascular diseases low.

•    Nuts are extremely good when it comes to sources of different minerals as well as vitamins. Along with that, they got antioxidants which are high in amount.

•     Also, they are the best sources of fiber, fat and proteins. Adding nuts in your diet make your hunger satisfied instead of making you feel empty stomach.

•    When you are making the smoothie, you can add the nuts you like, and you can simply get the nutrients to add up.  Along with that, you can consume it directly or add in a salad. It’s a good staple food that you can try when you are on a diet. It does not just give the full stomach feeling but also you don’t feel like to grab something like chips and all. 

 How you suppose to use nuts in a smoothie 

There are lots of people who want to add nuts but also feel confused about how they should do it. Nuts are extremely good for health, heart, brain and other things related to the body. It can help in reducing the weight without harming.  Not just that, people also likes to consume nuts as a snack. 

Well, you can get best out of the nuts when you are using in the smoothies you make. However, you should know how to do it, as sometimes it just leads to wastage instead of using the benefits. Also, it depends on the recipe you choose to make. If you want the nutty feeling in the smoothie, you can add more and more. 

•    In case you don’t have a blender, you just soak the nuts overnight in water. You can use it as they are much softer to blend. If you are in a hurry, soak the  nuts in warm water at least for one hour when you are making the smoothies

•    There are different nuts which have their own taste and benefits. You should understand which one you want. For example, there are several options such as walnuts, cashew,  almond , macadamias etc 

•    You can also use the nut milk in case of adding the rich flavor and more nutrients in your smoothie. It is helpful to get the best benefits. However, you don’t want to buy the nut milk then you can simply make it at your home. Also, you must be careful while you are shopping for nut milk, and do check what is written behind the package. There are added flavours and sweet which can cause a harmful effect.

•    In case you don’t want to use a blender the nuts, you can use it simply as the crunchy feeling also taste good, and you can get a different way of eating the nuts too. 

How to make the healthiest smoothie with nuts: Recipe 

Well if you want to try something simple yet healthiest recipe with nut, you can try it with banana. Not just the method is good for health, but also you get the best benefits out from single ingredients. 

Ingredients that you are going to need: 

1.    ½ cup almond nuts 

2.    ¼ almond milk 

3.    For sweet, honey or sugar 

4.    Banana rip ( 1 cup)

5.    1/8 tsp cinnamon 

6.    1/8 tsp vanilla extract 

7.    Ice ( 1 cup)

8.    Granola bar or almond 

How to make it: 

•    For the first step, you are going to need blender which should be able to blend the almond all together and make a paste 

•    Add the milk, banana, vanilla extract, and cinnamon 

•    Do the blending until you get the smooth texture 

•    If you want to add sweetness, add sugar or honey 

•    Add the ice and make it blend to get the creamy texture 

•    Once it’s done, serve immediately.

•    For adding more, you can add the almond and granola bar too.

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