Nowadays one of the most important feature people notices of gadgets: Multi-function. As a consumer, you want to know that you are getting the most out of the money that you have spent. Kitchen Ninja is the name to beat if you’re looking for a good quality blender. We will be discussing not one but two blenders by Kitchen Ninja. Hopefully, this will give you a good idea of what each product can do and what you can expect. We’re actually discussing Ninja bl682 vs. bl770 review, two great products by the same company to help you see the different options you have.

BL682 BL770
No. of jars/cups 5 4
Power 1500 1500
Functions Nutrient extractor and food processor Blender and Food processor
Programs 5 manual programs Auto iQ technology
Size of jars/cups 72oz, 64oz, 32oz and 2 x 24oz 72oz, 64oz, and 2 x 16oz

That being said let’s start with our review of the Kitchen Ninja BL682 vs. Kitchen Ninja BL770. We’re going be discussing both products in terms of power, function, and cup/jar size.

Starting with power!

Role of Power (Watts) in blender’s performance?

A blender may be perfectly constructed with the most reliable metals but it is useless if it does not have enough power. The number of watts (power) that a blender is able to generate will affect how fast the blades spin. And the power affects not just on the spinning power but the force with which the blades will move through your ingredients.

Power in a blender not only determines the many different kinds of ingredients you are able to blend but the time saved. If a blender operates with a high amount of watts then it will definitely save you more time. This is because more power on a blender means that it can blend more ingredients in less time. When buying a blender keep in mind your daily uses and see if a blender can meet your requirements.

If you use your blender a lot then you need one with enough power so that you don’t spend hours blending. Especially when someone else blends the same amount in half the time.

Both models of Ninja Kitchen blenders come with the same power level of 1500 watts.

· Ninja BL770:

The Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL770) comes with a power of 1500 watts! This is actually the highest power you can get out of a blender as of now. You would be hard pressed to find a blender out there that can match or surpass that level of power.

If you want an example to consider this: how long does it take you to blend dough? A couple of minutes if you’re lucky. If you use the dough blades on the Kitchen Ninja BL770 you can get about 2 lbs. of dough in less than 30 seconds. That’s just how quick and efficient it is!

The power on the BL770 means you can have blended goods within seconds. In fact, if you can use the blades on the 770 to blast ice pieces into the snow. And ice is said to be the test of a blender. If your blender cannot work with ice then you need a new one.

· Ninja BL682:

As we said Kitchen Ninja products come with a peak power of 1500 watts. This is also true for the BL682. The BL682 comes with an incredible amount of power and its own specialty.

The BL682 has been specifically designed to cut through and blend fruits. There isn’t a fruit you can find that can’t be blended with a smooth consistency by the BL682. This model is capable of reducing the hardest fruits into a soft blended drink.

Not only that but this blender is actually pretty good at blending dough as well. Thanks to the powerful blades and the 1500 watts the task is pretty easy. This blender also delivers 2 lbs. of dough in less than 30 seconds (same as BL770 is capable of). On top of which it is very good at mixing together smoothies. There is no combination you can think of that this blender cannot deliver well.

Result: It’s a tie when we talk about power in Ninja BL770 vs BL682

Functions in Ninja BL770 vs BL682:

When we talk about functions we will be discussing the different ability each blender has. We’ll want to see how good they are at processing food and blending foods. This is where our talk about multi-function comes in.

When buying a blender you should look up the different functions a product has to offer. Nowadays you actually have a variety of options to choose from. So be sure to keep your needs in mind when looking for particular features you’d like. The Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL770) and the Nutri Ninja Blender System (BL682) each have their own special functions.

Let’s discuss them further below:

· Ninja BL770:

As you know the Kitchen Ninja blenders come with a lot of power. These blenders also have really strong blades and multi-purpose jars. You can use these blenders as really good food processors.

The jars on these blenders can help to process different types of foods really well. Besides processing foods, this blender can also be used to extract nutrients.

The special design of the blades and the power with which the blades spin make it great for extracting nutrients out of food. The Ninja BL770 blends food to a consistency that makes it effortless to extract vitamins and nutrients.

· Ninja BL682:

As we discussed the Kitchen Ninja products have really reliable hardware. The power, precision of blades and speed make this blender a great food processor. You can use this blender as a food processor and extract vital nutrients from foods.

Besides being a really useful food processor this product is, of course, a powerful blender. But the biggest strength on this blender is the auto-IQ technology. This feature is the latest in cooking innovation and something you should look for in a product.

The auto-IQ technology is equipped with a countdown timer that helps the blender to combine, pausing and pulsing. This technology helps your blender use a complex pattern that is catered to the specific food or ingredient that you are blending. This way the food receives the individual attention it needs and you get your preference as well.

Result: Ninja BL 682 is a clear winner in functionality round due to its auto-IQ technology feature.

Cup/Jar Size Ninja BL770 vs BL682:

You might be surprised to learn that the cup or jar size is probably the 2nd important feature on a blender after power. This is because the jar size determines so many other things such as processing time.

How much time will you spend preparing ingredients in order to accommodate your blender cup? Because you know that with a small or tight container you have to spend hours getting your fruits just the right size. Not just because they won’t fit the cup but also because some cups just don’t work with big slices of fruits.

With a big cup, you can throw in the ingredients and save a lot more time than before you spent on chopping the fruit. For another thing, the cup size will also determine how long you will spend serving a party of people.

What if you have three to four guests coming in on a hot day? Will you spend hours blending each cup of smoothie individually? Because with a small cup you don’t really have a choice.

On the other hand, if you don’t blend that much on an average basis with would you want a big bulky jar anyway? It might come in useful on an odd day but for the most part, it will be taking up valuable space in your cabinets.

The ideal solution would be to look for a blender that offers you a set of options in terms of jars. You should have small ones that are perfect for a single smoothie or a small ball of dough. And you need big jars that can help you get out pitchers of refreshing drinks in a matter of minutes.

Luckily both meet these conditions and offer a variety of cups that are good for a number of uses.

· Ninja BL770:

The Ninja Mega Kitchen does not disappoint in terms of the name because it delivers Mega product. This blending system comes with four jars that offer a variety of functions. On a hot day when you’re looking to serve up a large pitcher of fresh smoothie, you can use the big jar.

The extra-large pitcher can hold about 72oz of any kind of food. This pitcher can be used to blend any food or fruit item into tiny bits or smooth consistency. The Ninja Mega kitchen also has an 8 cup processor bowl that can hold 64oz of food. This 8 cup processor bowl can be used as a food processor for safely extracting nutrients.

The 8 cup processor is also more than capable of meeting your chopping needs or when you need to blend some dough. The Ninja Mega System comes with two more cups that can contain about 16 oz. You can use these cups to produce those daily smoothies you love so much. Since there are two you can easily make enough for two in one go.

· Ninja BL682:

The Nutri Ninja Blender system also comes with a number of different cups. This blending system consists of five different jars. The largest pitcher is described as extra-large. This pitcher is perfect for crushing and blending food items. It can contain about 72oz of ingredients.

This blender also comes with a 64oz bowl that is perfect for dough. You can use this bowl for blending 2 lbs. of dough into a smooth consistency in less than 30 seconds. There is an extra dough blade inside the bowl that makes it efficient and effective.

On top of that this blender has two 24oz cups and one 32oz cup. Each of these three cups come with sip and seal lids. We don’t have to tell that these cups would be perfect to blend your regular drinks. Not only that but you can use the seal to store them for later in the day.

You can use the smaller cups to make quick blends and keep them for yourself or others in the fridge.

Result: Ninja BL 682 is a clear winner again because it offers more diversity in cups/jars as compared to its counterpart.

Pros and Cons:

We have discussed the features on each product at length to give you a clear picture as to where they stand. We know that both blenders are made by the same company so they come to us from a brand we can trust. But still these blenders despite having their similarities also have their differences.

In this final section, we are going to discuss the pros and cons of each blender.

Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL 770: Nutri Ninja Blender System BL 682
This blender comes with a powerful 2 horsepower motor that is reliable Equipped with smart auto-IQ technology
This blender also delivers up an amount of 1500 watts in terms of power Powerful 2 horsepower motor
Affordable and can be used as a good food processor Easily be used as a food processor
The incredible suction design makes it so that the juicer keeps its contents without making any spills Deliver 1500 watts worth of power
It comes with four different cup sizes to meet your different needs It comes with five different jar/cup sizes to meet your different needs
This blender makes a lot of noise as it starts to blend product This blender makes a lot of noise as you blend
The cups are made of glass and are susceptible to damage if you’re not careful The cups are made of glass and can easily break
You might need to blend the finished product once more in case of leftover pulp Expensive

In conclusion:

As we come to the end of this review we can see that each product comes with its own strengths. We also know that whichever product you choose you will not be disappointed because both of these Kitchen Ninja products are great.

From the results of each roundup, we can exactly choose one clear winner. The Nutri Ninja BL682 come with auto-IQ and more cups and is a clear winner but it is slightly more expensive. Although the Ninja BL770 might have fewer cups it is still on par with the other blender. Not only that but it is also more affordable.

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  1. Just a heads up for folks looking to buy the Ninja 682, I’ve had mine for a few years, however, I never used to slicing disk, while using it just recently it sheared the nut right in two on my food

    processor bowl. Ninja customer service only employs foreign help that was of no help!!!!! They DID NOT stand by the food processor bowl even though it was CLEARLY an issue of their own, they wanted me to buy another bowl at a higher cost than it would have been through Amazon! CUSTOMER SERVICE???? I say not, lesson learned with this product, js