Smoothies are thick beverage prepared with raw fruit or vegetable by adding milk or water in it. These drinkable smoothies are rich in nutrients and easy to consume.

For busy mothers, it is a blessing if their kids start making smoothies. It will not only save the time of the mother but will also provide the kid with the best nutrition. Handing over a piece of fruit or vegetable usually results in a waste of food. Toddlers don’t like raw vegetable much. It is really hard to convince them to have some fruit or vegetable. Working mothers find it difficult to spare so much time to run after their toddlers to feed them things that help in their growth.

In this situation, if toddlers start making smoothies, it will be a big relief for mothers or baby sitters. But before making a smoothie for your toddler, you should keep few things in mind that will help to take maximum benefits from the smoothie and of course for best smoothies you’ll need best blenders as well.

Nutritional value:

Toddler age is a growing age. Kids of this age group not only grow physically but also mentally. Wash fruit or vegetables properly in plenty of water. They learn new things; they walk and run around. Complete their teeth sets and start pre-schooling. Keeping in mind all these activities of the toddler the first and foremost thing to consider while making a smoothie is the Nutritional value of the smoothie.

Smoothie should be rich in calcium, vitamins, minerals, and iron. Use fresh and raw fruits. Add almond milk, fresh milk or coconut milk to make smoothies. Honey can also be added to add flavor to it. Almond milk contains more calcium than regular milk; it is a better choice for smoothies. Bananas, apple, mango, berries, carrots, and yogurt provide all the nutrition a toddler may need.

Toddlers get cold and flu easily. Giving them medicine is another challenge for parents. But if your kid is already fond of smoothies, then you can make a medicinal smoothie for him. Home remedies sometimes prove to be the best in case of common cold, fever and mild health issues. Add things that increase immunity against diseases, for example, 1/4th teaspoon of ginger juice in one cup of apple and almond milk smoothie won’t give a bitter taste. Honey can be added to mask taste further.  

Flavor of smoothie

Not all but most toddlers are picky eaters. They don’t accept all the flavors and don’t try new things. Giving them the right flavor of smoothie is another point to be considered. Toddlers don’t like the sour or bitter taste. Don’t add too many vegetables. Hide vegetables in a fruit smoothie by adding a little portion of it. Observe what your toddler likes to have. Which is his favorite fruit or vegetable? You can add 3 parts of his favorite food and one part of some other vegetables. Add honey or a small amount of cocoa powder to give flavor to the smoothie.

Keep flavors changing, add new fruits, and try new combination every time. This will not only give various nutritional elements, but it will also help the toddler to have a variety of flavors. You will get a better idea of his choice. Try to keep it all natural. Smoothie is at its best when it’s free from artificial flavors. Use healthy things to add flavors like honey.

Always use fresh smoothie. Don’t keep in the fridge for a long time. It will change the taste and nutritional value decreases. Being a liquid thing microorganism growth is also rapid and common. So always give your toddler a fresh smoothie that is not more than one hour old.

Right texture

Another important point in smoothie making is giving it the right texture. Smoothie comes under beverage so it should be drinkable but not very thin. Drinking with a broad straw is better. If your toddler uses a training cup, smoothie should easily flow from the nozzle of the cup. Giving smoothie in feeders is also recommended. Make sure you peel off fruits and vegetables properly. There shouldn’t be any peel leftovers in the smoothie.

Make the right choice for the best blenders brand; it should blend fruits and vegetables properly within 1-2 min. blending for too long can change the texture and taste of the smoothie. Blender should be easy to clean thoroughly. If it has spaces that are not cleaned properly, it will give rise to microorganisms. And next time when you make a smoothie, it will be unhygienic. 

Leftover peels of fruit or unblended piece in a smoothie can coagulate straw or feeder opening. A toddler may throw away his cup/feeder after this disturbance as he may not understand what’s happening.

Fruit piece can also make toddler choke. That is why proper blending is very important while making a smoothie.

The color of a smoothie should be attractive to the toddler. If the smoothie is really dark in color or a more greenish kid will automatically consider it is made from a distasteful thing or vegetables. Make sure it looks nice and attractive to kids. Pink, yellow, off white smoothies are more accepted in kids than brown or dark green.

Always use ripped fruits and vegetable. Fruits that are not fully ripe are usually hard and doesn’t blend properly. Unripe fruits are not as healthy as fully ripe fruits.

Taking the above points into consideration will help you to prepare the right smoothie for your toddler that will ease your life as well.

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