The kitchen is a reflection of one’s traditions and values. How kitchen and its appliances are kept says a lot about the people of the house. Among tens of kitchen appliance. kitchen blender (liquidizer) is one of the most important appliances of daily use. It is used to crush, emulsify, blend or liquefy different material used for cooking like ginger, garlic paste or to make smoothies for direct consumption.

Blenders are a simple appliance with 2 parts. A jug that has 3-4 blades in it and a lid on its top. And a small motor that is operated by electricity. 

Using your best blenders in the right way can make it last longer. Following points will help you to find out how a blender remains in good condition with small and easy steps.

  1. Choice of the brand

The electric appliance is very useful tools in the household. But before buying any appliance, we should do a little market research to find a suitable brand. If you want a blender to last longer, then you should try for it since you buy it. Buy a blender from best brand in your range. Convince yourself that you are investing in the right thing and buying a little bit expensive thing at the start is better than buying a cheap thing and facing difficulty later. Isn’t it better to buy a 100 dollar blender for 5 years than to buy a 50 dollar blender for 1 year? Make the right choice of the brand when you buy it. Best brands offer a warranty as well. You can always go for service or replacement in case of unexpected damage. Keep that warranty card saved and if there is some problem with the blender immediately take it to the customer care center.

  • Safe place

Blender jugs are made of plastic or glass material. Glass jug blenders are preferred. As they are delicate, keep them at a safe place where the risk of their breakage is less. Keep them out of the reach of children and pets. Pets are sometimes really naughty and try smoothies on their own.  Access to blenders by adults should be easy but safe. Kitchen cabinet at human height is the best choice to keep your blender safe. Keeping it inside the cabinet will also protect its exposure from dust, temperature, moisture and oil droplets. It will keep your blender look neat and new for a longer period of time.

  • Proper washing

Wash your blender after every use. Don’t leave it dirty for a long time. By keeping it unwashed for a long time will cause the materials to stick on it making it hard to be washed later.

Always clean it thoroughly. Make sure there are no tiny particles under the blades. Some best blenders have rubbers inside the jug, remove that rubber ring and wash. The best way for cleaning the blender is to fill the jug to half with warm water and add a few drops of liquid soap in it. Place it on the motor and blend for a few seconds. It will completely clean the blades and inside of the jug.

Wash the lid separately. Clean the motor with a wet cloth.

After washing all the parts, dry it with a smooth, clean towel. After drying put it back in its designated space.

  • Blend right materials

Even the best brands like National Blenders have a limit of the materials that can be blended inside it. Read the manual carefully to find out which materials can be blended inside the blender. Do not use very hard materials like wood, big ice cubes or big pieces of bark. Always reduce the size of things you want to blend. Don’t add very big pieces. Adding big pieces can cause blades to bend or break. Do not overfill the jug, always keep at least two-inch space from top to allow proper mixing and blending. Make sure the lid is tightly closed.

If you have to blend a hot material, cool that thing down first. Don’t add boiling materials directly from the pan to the blender. Glass or plastic jugs are temperature sensitive. High-temperature cause damage to the blender.

  • Blending time and power supply

If you need to blend the material for a longer period of time, then do it in small episodes. Do not run it for straight five minutes; give a small pause of a few seconds after every minute. This will protect the blender from overheating. Heating can damage its wires inside the motor.

Before taking out the material, switch the blender off, take out the plug and then slightly rotate the jug to separate it from the motor.


Before using best blenders make sure your power supply is proper. Your inverter or electricity supply is providing the required voltage to operate the blender. If the voltage is too low to operate the blender, it can cause damage to the motor. Or if the power supply is facing interruption due to some reason then avoid using a blender on it. As blenders are simple electric appliances so usually, they don’t have stabilizer in it.

In short, no matter how much u spend on something if you use it the wrong way it will not stay with you for long. It’s careful handling that keeps things last long. Above discussed steps do not need any additional expense but requires only some extra effort. Have a happy kitchen!

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