It’s a world of glitz and glamor. That time is gone when our mothers used just one product for their whole make-up. A single lipstick would act as an eye-shadow, a blush- on and the lipstick itself. Some of the young ladies would pinch their cheeks to make them go all blushy. The use of make-up products has increased with the boom in the make-up industry and media industry. The stunning make-overs of beautiful models and actresses make you want to recreate that look. 

There are numerous Make-up brands available now. Some of the most famous are MAC, Sephora, Urban Decay, Revlon and the list goes on. These make-up brands are working to create a high-class quality make-up products. The greater the quality, the greater is the make-up look on you.

Advancement in Make-up Products:

The advancement in the beauty industry is ever growing. We see numerous new products that were not there before. For example, the concept of Highlighting and contouring your features is so much in the trend that Make-up Brands have launched kits which are dedicated just to contour and highlight. Furthermore, we even have a variety of different textures as well. It may be in powder form or might be in a creamy texture.

Not only there is a variety of make-up products but also a variety of make-up application products like brushes or the beauty blender.

Beauty Blender:

The new trend includes the Beauty Blender, a make-up blending sponge. Before this, a simple puff or brushes were used. Now, the game has upgraded by beauty blenders. It is not just a simple sponge. It has a unique shape and a pretty pink color to it.

How to use the Beauty Blender:

You don’t use the Beauty Blender as a simple make-up puff. People who have their first experience with beauty blender usually follow a few steps to use a Beauty Blender.

  • Make it Wet:

First things first. You have to make your Beauty Blender wet. It is hydrophilic which means it absorbs water. Your Beauty Blender will become as twice of its size. When this happens, you are ready to go for the next step.

  • Squeeze the excess:

Once your beauty blender is wet, you need to squeeze the excess water, or otherwise, it won’t work the way it is supposed to.

  • Dab it :

Now, your Beauty Blender is ready. You don’t have to rub it on your face. Firstly, apply your foundation in small dots all over your face. Then, with the help of Beauty Blender, dab it or stipple it. There you will have a flawless finished look.

Taking care of your Beauty Blender:

To keep your Beauty Blender work longer, you should know how to take care of it. It is vital to wash your Beauty Blender. Because even if you have the best blenders, you have to make sure you wash it off. If not, you might face some consequences.

What happens if you don’t wash your Beauty Blender:

You use your Beauty Blender on your face which creates the chances of catching germs and bacteria on your face. Even the best blenders might catch it. Using your Beauty Blender without washing it for the next use will increase the following risks.

  • You might get Acne:

A word which serves as a nightmare for all of us, especially in ladies, is Acne. It is something which affects your confidence. No matter how great is your foundation, you might not be able to hide the bump of acne. So remember to wash your Beauty Blender before the next use.

  • Irritated Skin:

If you use an unwashed Beauty Blender, chances are you might get an irritated skin once you wash off your make-up. This is because the germs on your Beauty Blender gets on your skin and it mixes with the foundation. Make sure you wash it to avoid red-irritated skin.

How to Wash Beauty Blender:

Those who own Beauty Blenders know the struggle of washing the Blenders. You try to wash it with simply running water, but it seems like the foundation still stays on the Blender and is not completely gone.

There are many ways through which you can wash you Beauty Blender and make it all clean. One of the best ways to wash your Beauty Blender is through Coconut oil.

Coconut Oil to wash Beauty Blender:

There are numerous benefits of using coconut oil. It includes healthy growth of your hair, moisturizes skin when used in cooking it aids in weight loss. In addition to these benefits, one cool benefit of coconut oil is that you can clean your Beauty Blender as well.

How to Use Coconut Oil?

People have experimented to find out the best way to clean all the dirt out of the Beauty Blender. Using coconut oil has been an effective way to do so. The best blenders are also washed this way.

Step 1:

Take 1 part Coconut Oil and 2 parts Dishwashing liquid in a bowl.

Step 2:

Gently soak your Beauty Blender in the bowl of oil and liquid mixture. Let it absorb the mixture.

Step 3:

Rinse the blender with warm water. You will see all your foundation running down your Beauty Blender


There you have yourself a clean Beauty Blender as clean as the new one!

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