Cinderella Solution Review – Hottest and Proven Diet Plan in 2021!

The Cinderella Solution is a revolutionary online diet plan that adopts a two-step system specially designed according to scientific facts about the female human body. It makes sense when you think about it, the male and female body are very different mainly focusing on the hormones produced by internal organs inside of us. This weight loss plan uses factual proof in controlling the weight and body fat of your body.

Through the stages of a woman’s life, she will go through hormonal transitions that change the body’s metabolism rate throughout time. For example, some 30+ year-old women struggle with gaining weight although they are consuming the same as they did when they were teenagers. This is because although you think that the specific amount of food is ok, your body can’t digest the food as efficiently as it used to, and daily activities change causing many older women to use fewer calories than when they were younger, thus the increased weight.

How Does Cinderella Solution Works?

This weight loss plan uses solutions that are proven to be effective in the short run and the long run for a healthy lifestyle. It focuses on giving women the ability to control their weight accordingly to the hormonal production level in your body. This plan is very unique compared to other weight loss plans or weight-loss diets on the market right now.

The Cinderella Solution aims for women aged above 25+ that are gaining weight. If you are struggling with increased weight no matter how much you try to lose it, or if you struggle with traditional weight loss methods this plan is designed for you. It is almost guaranteed that the main cause for your weight gain is the hormonal transition in your body. A woman’s body faces extreme hormonal changes 2 times in her life. The first is when you start changing from a girl into a woman through puberty by entering the beginning of your menstrual cycle and the second is when a female faces menopause, the age when the menstrual cycle ends.

At these 2 times of great hormonal change, a woman’s body makes a drastic change in the metabolism rate of the body. A diet plan that is expected to help everyone lose weight fast is not going to work for women struggling with weight gain from hormonal change. Now, it is very important that you take this big leap in your life to make sure that the weight loss measure is truly safe, not just to lose weight but to be healthy until your last day on earth. The program is designed accordingly to the anatomy of women over 25 years old. Only women understand how the body drastically changes after your 25, and even worse when menopause arrives.

When you purchase the program you’re owning it 100%. This is perfect for those who don’t want to stare at their mobile or computer screen all day, or those who prefer reading it on paper. You can download the program and print it, or transfer it across multiple devices without paying extra.

This weight loss program has been used by more than 16,000 women in 22 countries. It is guaranteed safe proven by scientific research specializing on the metabolism and hormonal system of women by using flavor pairing method that is extremely efficient and easy to follow pairing normal ingredients from your grocery store.

The Author of Cinderella Solution

The creator of the Cinderella Solution is Carly Donovan. She began her story just like many of us with struggles to lose weight after passing 25. Carly tried the usual methods of losing weight, hard exercise, calorie count control, and many other diet plans. This was until she realized that the cause of her weight gain was the metabolism rate in her body decreasing due to hormonal changes. She used herself as the lab rat to try and perfect the right program. Thus, the results are from a woman who wants to be healthy, look great, and simple to enjoy life.

Carly researched scientific evidence from the medical field and summarised the effective procedures into steps and techniques. These methods are simple, yet effective and easy to follow day by day. Carly gave me more than just a weight loss plan, she gave me a life guide program that ended up saving my life from risks such as obesity, diabetes, cancer, and longer life in general.

Bringing you what actually works.

You might be used to weight loss plans that keep on repeating, eat clean and exercise. Well, that sounds perfect but not adaptable in real life. You will likely give in to french fries or ice cream once in a while. The Cinderella Solution is a realistic weight loss plan that gives you a safe lifestyle. When I began the program, I didn’t have to worry about breaking any rules. The program allowed me to enjoy a dessert or a dish of fried food once in a while. It didn’t force me to become someone I didn’t know. Now, this is important, I used to struggle with anxiety when I decided to have a cup of ice cream at the mall and then returning home feeling extremely guilty that I “broke” my diet. This is not the case here, there’s no pressure and no side effects. The natural methods helped me want to continue the program as my body felt better every day.

I even enjoyed the exercise plans in the program. This is very surprising as I hate going to the gym or even cleaning my own home. The plans are very convenient and flexible, meaning you can choose when to exercise. Because each of us has different lifestyles, not everyone works from 9 to 5 and the program understands that. This is the magic of this program, the fact that it is based on real-life and proven affects judging from how a female body works.

The Main Manual which you’ll be receiving in the program (detailed explanation in What You’ll Recieve and Price below) really helped me understand the basics of the program. This includes the exercises that are easier than I thought, If I didn’t feel like doing the big exercises then there are smaller exercises in a combination that helped me achieve the same results. Food pairings of which flavors go best together, and best of all I am addicted to the guilt-free dessert guide, it allows me to enjoy life without gaining any weight!

You also get free bonuses that give you a plan of your first 21 days starting the weight loss plan and a movement sequencing guide, this is the exercises that were extremely easy to follow for me, and after a few weeks, I didn’t even have to look at the guide anymore. The kickstart guide explained all nutrition database which helped me understand how this was specifically designed for females over 25 years old. I can honestly say that my body started to feel different after about 14 days. I lost 23 pounds after only 2 weeks, but instead of feeling tired and bored it was a steady process in losing excess weight. In a way, I felt like my body has changed totally after 21 days of following the program.

Benefits of the Cinderella Solution

These are the main 5 benefits I found after 21 days in starting the program.

  1. The program was designed specifically for women over 25 years of age. I believe this as my body had an easier time digesting and absorbing the nutrients from food cooked following the program.
  2. Easy Sequencing Exercise really made me get into exercising daily, it’s easy and takes only a few minutes out of the day.
  3. It comes with a 60-day money-back policy. If you feel like your body hasn’t changed and no weight was lost, then feel free to ask for your money back, even after 2 months.
  4. Easy download on multiple devices including print on paper, depending on your preferences you can carry it anywhere.
  5. Valuable price. I feel like the price compared to the results I feel is amazing. I have better health, longer sleep, and happier every day.

Drawbacks of the Cinderella Solution

Through my experience with the program, I could point out 1 drawback. This is the fact that I hope Carly adds more dessert menus in the future! Although there are so many to choose from, I have already tried it all and hope to create more healthy desserts in the future for me and my family! I feel like this has benefitted not just me but the people around me also because they get to see my healthier change into a better lifestyle.

What You’ll Recieve and Price.

When you purchase the program you’re owning it 100%. This is perfect for those who don’t want to stare at their mobile or computer screen all day, or those who prefer reading it on paper. You can download the program and print it, or transfer it across multiple devices without paying extra.

Cinderella Solution Set includes,

  1. Main Manual
  2. Quick Start Guide
  3. Recipe guide
  4. Safe dessert guide
  5. Video exercise guide with all exercises in the program.
Cinderella Solution Product Set

Inside the main manual is a 4-part step that explains to you what you will be doing throughout the program. Inside each will be a clear explanation of the 2-step ritual I mentioned earlier. This includes 1. The program details, 2. How to use the Daily Nutrition Book, 3. Mastering the movement Sequencing Exercise Guide Book, and 4. Enjoy a summary of 10 flavor pairs that work amazing together with a combination to lose weight while still enjoying every bite.

All of this currently from 150 USD, NOW at 80% off coming to a total of 37 USD for the full package.   150$ > 37$

The starters set comes with a free bonus set called the Cinderella Solution Accelerator that includes.

  1. Movement Sequencing Guide
  2. Cinderella Accelerator
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