A blender is a kitchen tool and laboratory appliance used to mix different types of food and other substances. A blender consist of a blender jar with a rotating metal blade at the bottom, it works by an electric motor which provides rotations of blades and blender performs its work. Some other type of blender can crush ice. Day by day various type of companies are producing advanced and best cheap blenders which provides reliable quick service.

Kinds of Blenders:

There are many types of blenders available in markets, some with basic functions and some with more functions to process hard foods or cook soup. Nowadays Jar blenders are the most popular in features, capacity, and prices that depends upon its electric motor and blades designs. Some blenders are so expansive to buy because they are versatile and costly according to their functions. 

Choice of Blenders and which one is good:

To choose the best blender mainly for making frozen drinks and smoothies, you should choose at least 500 watts of power and a cubes of ice crushing blades. For chopping or grinding tasks, you should see a good design of blades to chop or grind your ingredients. Rest of them only one option take place that is standard blender which can be used for blending stirring mixing and pureeing. Usually, it uses to make baby creaming soups and food.

  • Multifunctional Blenders:

Blend Tec or Vita-Mix blenders are performing more function than standard blenders, and costly than standard blenders. As compare to powers, they are more powerful units that can cook soup, process foods, make juice. They can also provide good service in chopping and grinding.

  • Hand Blender:

This type of blender is called stick or immersion blenders. They look long in size because they have blades at the end of the blender and the other side you can hold it to control. They are very comfortable and very easy to use.

  • Single-Serve Blender

Mostly people preferring single serve blender because it can make good smoothies. These are smaller in size than standard blenders. They can work quickly for cooking and can easily to whip up sauces. The built-in quality of this blender is solid and dashing. That’s why this one can be good choice.

  • Full-Size Blender:

Full-size blenders have a very powerful base that a jar can sit on. It has some features such as chopping pureeing the food in the jar. When the jar filled and the lid is placed on top of the blender, then you can select different functions.

Compare Prices:

Jar blenders have more functions and higher in cost. But the choice of blender for your kitchen should be similar to your requirements. You need to decide first which type of blender will more beneficial for your kitchen and also consider the benefit of certain accessories which can save your money. Most blenders are good to make smoothies but you need to know about types of blenders as mentioned above.

Be Remember About Storage: 

Storage of any blender is one of the main feature to buy.  Some blenders are easier to store ingredients, if you have small kitchen in your house then stick blender is better choice which can easily be stuck anywhere. Considering a full-size blender, make your to measure the size of your cabinets and draws. Size of your kitchen matters to buy a blender. 

Which Things are Important to Know:

There are some tips to but best and cheap blender for your kitchen:

  • Container:

Most of our famous blenders have plastic containers, which are light in weight and less prone to breaking than glass containers, on the other hand, the downside of the blender can absorbs odor and stains, this type of quality is better to use and it is easy to read measurements.

  • Controls Button:

To choose a blender with good control will be a good choice. Because the good control is main feature of the blender it helps you to use comfortably. Touchpad controls are the easiest feature and good choice to operate your blender.

  • Power

Powerful blenders have more efficiency. But the main factors of the blenders is container and blade assembly.

  • Warranty

Warranty is an important part to choose a blender. Because it makes you sure that how long this manufacture will work.

The Best Foods to Blend

Before choosing any blender you should know which food is better to blend, mix and grind. Then you can know very well about your requirements to but your best and cheapest blender.

There is various kind of recipes and foods you can make them by using standard jar blenders.  purée soft or cooked foods, creamed soup and gravy, eggs, , salsas, dips, mayonnaise, bread, cracker, or cookie crumbs,  eggnog, fillings for cream pie or custards, frozen concentrated juices or other beverages, homemade pancake or waffle batter, smoothies, ice cream shakes, instant puddings, salad dressings and crush ice.

How to Clean Your Blender

To choose any best blender first you have to know about the cleansing of blenders. Because there are quit variety of blenders. Sometimes it can be little bit difficult to wash your blender because of its design. If you know how to clean any blender, it will help you to choose the best blender.

To make cleansing in an easy way between blending batches, take a few amount of warm water and few quantity detergent in the jar, and wash it properly. Make sure to rinse properly before blending again.

When it is finished, now disassemble the parts like jar and blade to clean it safely. Wipe the exterior parts with a damp cloth after using the blend.

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