Want to live a healthy and active lifestyle? You need to upgrade those kitchen appliances that deliver you all nutritional food. The smart blenders are not worked as an ordinary blender and juicer. The best Bluetooth enabled Nutribullet smart blender transforms the hard ingredients into smaller chunks and liquid meal. You can prepare tasty and nutrient smoothies, soups, sauces, and much more.

Furthermore, NutriBullet is one of the best companies that manufactured the best Bluetooth smart blender. The brand’s blender uses the Bluetooth technology to prepare food full of nutrition. Additionally, this nutrition extractor is equally good to prepare hot and cold drinks with all the nutrients, minerals, vitamins, carbs, and much more.

However, plentiful accessories are also accessible to enhance the features of the Nutribullet Balance blender. The design of this smart blender is compact, versatile, and more durable. The best thing is … you can access the company’s recipe app for trying unique and tasty recipes.

Let us begin the article with a Why NutriBullet! 

Why Nutribullet?

The brand has incredible extraction ability to transform ordinary foods into extraordinary nutrition. The powerful motor, specialized blades and Bullet cyclonic actions convert the whole fruits, seeds, vegetable, nuts, and other superfoods into liquid fuel for your body.

Therefore, we can say that the brand is the creator of nutrient extraction. It delivers the food to you that is easily digestible. Moreover, you will receive the highest degree of nutrients and minerals in your food.                 

–          Performance

The initial step to living active and healthy is to eat healthy food including more minerals and nutrients. The blender has powerful motor and blades that provides you nutrient food. Additionally, different motors consume different watts such as 900W, 1700W, 600W, etc.

The powerful motor allows you to blend and breaks downs hard ingredients. It also offers multiple power setting to control the speed of the blender. Other technologies and offered functions enhance the usability of the products.

–          Nutrient extraction

Generally, nutrient extraction is the mechanism, which breaks downs the hard ingredients into the most absorbable state. These ingredients can be vegetable, seed, nuts, fruits, and other plant foods. It is different from other blender and juicer because it chunks down the cell walls of fibrous plant food. Additionally, it presents food without damaging minerals and vitamin. The blender decomposes fiber, seeds, pulp, and skin into a silky texture.

Review of NutriBullet Balance – The Evolution of Blending

This blender uses SMART technology and uses Bluetooth to enable smart blender. It delivers full nutrients food according to your requirements. Additionally, it is perfect for healthy food requirements and for those who are on dieting. The Balance blender delivers smoothies full of minerals and nutrients.     

Features list

  • Bluetooth technology
  • Build & blend function
  • Powerful motor – 1200 watt
  • The blender has Personalized settings
  • You can also use its tracking system
  • 1-year warranty
  • Free app featuring 100’s of recipes

Bluetooth technology

The Balance blender has built-in smart technology that has smart nutrition sensors. These sensors enable the connection with the smartphone app. This app allows you to calculate the value of exact nutrition of your smoothies. Moreover, Bluetooth SMART technology makes this the world’s smart nutrient extractor.

Personalize settings

You can also create a personal profile to make Virtual Nutritionist. You can choose multiple settings to build this customization setting. These personalize setting includes dietary restriction, eating styles, and wellness goals. Generally, this feature helps you to achieve your healthy lifestyle goals.    

Tracking system

The best Bluetooth enabled smart blender offers a tracking system that automatically tracks all the details of you and helps to maintain it according to your requirements. Furthermore, you can also buy the required food from this app.  

Build & blend

You are able to select hundreds of built-in recipes. These recipes help to achieve your goals that have settled in your Virtual Nutritionist.  


The best Bluetooth enable smart blender has 1200W powerful, which breaks down the toughest ingredients into smoothies. It has smart nutrition scale sensor that helps to balance all the precise calibration of food.

The best thing is … the anti-slip suction legs are super-tight that keep the blender balance in place.

Moreover, the insulated matte base and leak-free construction make it sturdy and easy wipe up. The blender has a rubber base that makes it easy to hold, carry and movable. On the other hand, the LED power button provides sleek stainless steel and brilliant blue illumination.      


  • The blender uses Bluetooth technology with the app.
  • It has 12W powerful motor that chunk downs the toughest ingredients in a minute.
  • Leak-Free construction increases the durability and versatility of the smart blender.
  • You can download the app from different platforms like Google Play and the Apple app store without any difficulty. 
  • The built-in sensor enables to create a connection for calculating the value of nutrition of your smoothies.
  • You can choose the appropriate setting according to your requirements because it allows you to
  • Customize the setting. 
  • The company provides you 1-year limited warranty and is accessible in black color.
  • This smart nutrient extractor tracks fat, calories, carbs, protein and more as added ingredients.


  • The powerful 1200W motor produces a loud noise.
  • Some hard ingredients don’t break down properly.   

Comparison of NutriBullet Balance vs.  Pro 900 vs.  RX

Product Name Perfect For Motor Capacity Serving Smoothies Pieces Additional Features
NutriBullet Balance Obtain real-time information on nutrition 1200W More than 32 -ounce More than 7 Colossal cup, power base with senor, flip-top to-go lid, stainless steel blade, comfort lip ring, manual & user guide Smart, nutrition extractor, connect with smart mobile to calculate calories, etc, easy cleaning, powerful motor, additional accessories
Pro 900 Active Lifestyle 900W More than  32 -ounce More than 7 13 such as a power base, one emulsifying blade, two flip-top lids, user manuals, and recipe book Easy configuration, flip-top lid, hassle-free cleanup
RX Best Nutrition Extraction 1700W More than 45 -ounce More than 12 10 such as a power base, oversized 1 to 45 -ounce cup, a souper-blast pitcher with 02-piece lid, short 1 to 30 -ounce cup with a comfort lip ring, user guide, and recipe book Heating function, powerful motors, company’s recipes app


  • The Balance blender uses the Bluetooth technology to transform the completely toughest ingredients into the liquid fuel.
  • The Pro 900 uses smart technology that makes it an absorption and optimized extraction capable.
  • The RX blender to transform each food into tasty smoothies, soup, sauce, and much more.


The manufacturer presents the powerful Balance blender featuring Bluetooth that permits you to live an active healthy life. Additionally, the smart motor uses 1200W to provide you full of nutrient food. The cup capacity is 32-ounce that allows you to prepare 7 cups of soup- and smoothies.

The Pro 900 is the best blender that has a powerful motor. It consumes 900W. Moreover, a cup allows you to serve more than 7 cups of smoothies because it comes with a 32-ounce capacity. 

The high-performing blender, the RX smart blender has a motor that is more powerful than its counterparts. It consumes 1700W as compared to other products of the brand available on the market. Furthermore, the cup capacity is 45-ounce where you can serve 12 cups of smoothies at a time. 

Ideal for

If you are looking for the best dietary blender that guides you about the values of nutrition then the Balance blender is ideal for you. Additionally, you can connect it with your app, which offers plentiful nutrient information. That includes carbs, nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and much more.

The Pro 900 is perfect for those who want to live an active and healthy lifestyle. This is the best smart blender that makes the soup, sauces, smoothies, and much more. Moreover, all the smoothies and other food come with full of nutrients.   

A person who is searching for the best nutrition extractor then he must purchase the RX blender. This blender is not like an ordinary blender because it delivers the food full of nutrition. Generally, it blends, mixes and breaks down the ingredient by containing all minerals, vitamins, and nutrition with it.  

Additional features of NutriBullet Blender

The Balance blender is the best Bluetooth blender for you because it can calculate all the calories and it is an ideal nutrition extractor. The leakage-free construction makes it easy to clean. You just need to wipe out with a piece of cloth. Moreover, you can purchase additional accessories for adding more features.

The powerful motor presents the ideal smart blender that is a good source of the nutrient extractor. It is easy to configure and all of you can easily use it for making tasty smoothies or sauce etc. In addition, you can get multiple tasty recipes from the app. Hassle-Free cleaning also makes it more versatile and easy to use.

Full-featured smart blender is the RX blender that has a powerful and smart motor. The heating function makes this product unique as compared to other products available on the market. Furthermore, the heating function automatically shuts off the main unit in case of overheating. You can also get the recipes from nutri8bullet recipe app.

Frequently Ask Question

Are NutriBullet’s products dishwasher-safe?

Yes, all the NutriBullet parts are dishwasher safe like cups and lids. The only things that cannot be dishwasher safe are smart nutrition sensor, motor base, and blades.

What materials are involved in the construction of The Balance blender?

The included cups are made of high impact plastic and that is non-toxic. It is unlike glass material, they do not secure when dropped. Additionally, all the cups are BPA-free that presents the high-speed blender.

Is this blender microwave safe?

You cannot microwave the parts of this blender. The part includes a power base, cups, smart nutrition sensor, and other accessories. Moreover, in the case of the microwave, your appliance may result in damage.    

How does the Balance blender help with weight loss?

The Bluetooth blender helps you to lose your weight. This blender works with the app by connecting the main unit to it. Furthermore, this blender provides the full of nutrient food along with other minerals, carbs, and vitamins. You can also obtain information about calories in the specified smoothies or other drinks.   

Who develops the recipes?

There is a team of experts like Doctors of Nutrition, Flavor Profilers, and Registered Dietitians. They have three goals to develop the recipes as follow

  1. You can promote wellness goal with accurate efficacy 
  2. You can also deliver a superior result
  3. And of course, it is going to taste great


The manufacturer uses the high-impact and BPA-free plastic to present the best Bluetooth smart blender. The Bluetooth technology creates the connection of the blender with the company’s recipes app. This app contains multiple categories that guide you about nutrition, carbs, and other food elements. These elements directly affect your health. Therefore, you can choose the appropriate ingredient according to your diet plant and taste. In your busy lifestyle, you can make any smoothie because of included Flip-Top lids. 

Moreover, once you add the ingredient into the blender and starts the blending process, it automatically sets the blend time. In addition, tells you about the contained nutrition during this process on the app. Nevertheless, the Balance blender is accessible in affordable price as compared to NutriBullet RX blender. It is not full-sized blender but the capacity 32-oz cup enables you to prepare seven cups of smoothies at a time.

Enjoy the blending!

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