A blender with glass jar must be able to withstand the stress caused by pureeing, crushing or blending. Therefore, you must pay close attention when buying a glass jar blender otherwise; prepare yourself for a lot of frustration and disappointment. Now there are a lot of options that you can choose from when it comes to best blenders with a glass jar. This makes the decision of choosing the right product a bit irksome. 

But don’t worry; we have compiled a list of 5 best blenders with a glass jar for your convenience. In addition to that, we provide you with a buying guide with which you will be able to identify some important features that you must consider before buying. 

But first, let’s kick off with the comparison table!

Best Blenders With Glass Jar Comparison Table

Blender Price Motor Capacity Jug Capacity Variable Speeds No. of Blades
Tribest Check on Amazon 200W 16 oz + 42 oz 3 6
Vava Check on Amazon 1045W 51 oz 3 6
Aicook Check on Amazon 1400W 61 oz 8 6
Braun Check on Amazon 1000W 56 oz 3 4
Cusinaid Check on Amazon 1450W 51 oz 3 6

Tribest Blender

The PBG 5050A blender from Tribest is the best blender that you are going to find on the market. Some of you might think that it comes with a hefty price blow. But we assure you that it does pack a powerful punch when it comes to performance as well. You can either buy a personal blender or its vacuum counterpart or both if you want. 

The personal blender’s jug has a volume capacity of 16 oz while the vacuum blender’s jug has 42 oz. If you are looking for plastic-free blending then you should not look any further. The blender has complete stainless steel construction which significantly enhances its durability. Your healthy recipe is going to stay that way because there are no harmful substances involved from the manufacturer’s side. 

The blending blade of this unit has 6 prongs that make the process fast and clean. You can easily blend dry and wet ingredients with it. Above all, the cleaning and maintenance of this blender don’t involve any fuzz either. Tribest has used silicone in the construction of the tumbler and storage sipping lids of the cup. 

It not only enables you to store the blends but also keep them with you while traveling. There is a 1-touch pulse control and varying speed dial as well to allow total control over your blends and recipes. To top it all, Tribest also provides you with a 5-year warranty on your purchase. It means that you will be able to enjoy your recipes with a piece of mind as well. 


  • Your blender will come with two jugs. One of them has 16 oz volume capacity while the other one has 42 oz. 
  • The stainless steel construction of this blender makes it very durable and sleek-looking. 
  • The blade of this blender has 6 prongs. It means that the blender is quick and efficient in food processing. 
  • The tumbler and storage sipping cups are made of silicone. Therefore, this blender is a good option for traveling too. 
  • You purchase is covered under a 5-year warranty.  
  • There are varying speed limits and touch control for a pulse as well. 


  • Some of you might think that this is an expensive option. V

Vava Blender

Now if you are looking for a specialist smoothie blender then your search is over. The Vava blender is going to take care of all your smoothie recipes and beyond. Its glass jar can take 1500 ml of contents. 

Now if you are looking for a specialist smoothie blender then your search is over. The Vava blender is going to take care of all your smoothie recipes and beyond. Its glass jar can take 1500 ml of contents. 

That’s not all. . . You also get to use its variable speed controls. Not only smoothies, but you can make a variety of shakes or frozen drinks with this trusty kitchen partner. 

However, you are not limited to smoothies or drinks here. This blender can also work like a charm when it comes to processing different types of foods. There is so much on the offer here but it won’t cost you much particularly if you compare it with the previous entry. 

Here’s a catch, its glass jar is very firm and for this reason, it can handle a variety of foods with no issue. Therefore, this is an excellent option if you have a medium sized family. You can blend everything you want and due to its glass construction, the jar can withstand heat as well. This is one huge advantage of having a glass for jars instead of plastic.

Furthermore, blending becomes even easier with the varying speed controls of this unit. There are three preset programs and you can choose any of them by just rotating the dial. Using this blender you can prepare anything you want including baby food, pancake batters, coffee, soups, dressings, and sauces. 

The blades of this blender bend on six different planes for the creation of a dynamic vortex and it will also enable you to create smooth and consistent results. Not only that, Vava has equipped this blender with noise reduction technology too. The motor of this unit works with a noise level within 10 dB which is considerably lower as compared to its competitors. 


  • It features anti-slip rubber feet which securely places the blender on your countertop. 
  • You can disassemble and clean all parts of it with dishwasher except the base. 
  • Its noise reduction features keep the noise in the kitchen down.
  • The blades of this unit bend on different planes for consistent and smooth blending. 
  • There are three preset programs and a convenient dial for easy operation.


  • It starts to shake at high speed. 
  • Anything thicker than water makes the cleaning a bit tough. 

Aicook Blender

The Aicook’s blender is another affordable option for you. The 1400W blender features a 61 oz glass jug which means you have plenty of capacity to make recipes for your family. Aicook has used FDA approved food grade glass which is BPA free in the construction of this jug. 

Most importantly you have eight different preset programs to choose from and there is a strong heating functionality as well. Furthermore, the blender features a 1400W motor that can work very well to create different types of blends.

The blender’s electric driving function improves the durability test for this motor. Why does this matter? You can crush a variety of foods very quickly. One of the useful features of this blender is the 3-dimensional mix-crush function. 

There are four spoilers and 6 blades that work together in this function and create a perfect mix while blending. The glass pitcher is made of high-quality borosilicate and for this reason, it is FDA approved and free of BPA. It means that your food recipes will stay free of any harmful substances. This also means that you can safely make baby foods in it.

Another one of its best features is 8 preset programs which include a function for Chinese foods. With the help of this function, you can conveniently make soymilk, porridge or soups with an adequate amount of vitamin and proteins. 

With the preset programs, you can also use the blender automatically on daily basis.  Aicook’s blender is very easy to maintain and cleans too. You can use detergent along with water to do so. It will self-clean within a minute without having to use the dishwasher. 


  • Loaded with 8 preset programs 
  • Available at a very affordable price. 
  • The blender has eight different preset programs including a function for Chinese foods. 
  • The glass jar is BPA free and approved by FDA.
  • It can easily self-clean within minutes. 
  • Its blades and spoilers work together to blend the contents well. 


  • The self-clean feature of this blender is not very helpful and you still have to manually do the same. 

Braun Blender

Braun has been around for a long time now. The quality of the products from this brand speaks for itself. Not only these products are very durable but they also deliver exceptional performance. Similar is the case with this blender too. 

The PureMix Power blender features a top quality glass jug along with a couple of Smoothie2Go cups. The volume capacity f this jug is 50 oz and it is ideal for small families. The blender is equipped with a 1000W motor that works very well and delivers exceptional performance. 

The intuitive design of this blender not only looks sleek but it’s very durable too. The rubber coating of this blender reduces noise and makes it a smooth operator. With the special Metal-power driving feature the gear engagement of this blender works without any shaking even at high speeds. Therefore, this blender can easily handle different textures of foods and varying speeds. 

Another benefit of this blender is the convenience of cleaning. You just have to take out the blades along with their holder and rinse the jug as you like. With just a push of a single button, you can make anything. There are three different speeds along with pulse function and you are ready to blend anything with them. 

With the 2 Smoothie2Go cups you can replace the jug and directly make a smoothie then take the cup with you wherever you want to go. This blender is all about convenience. The blender will enable you to make a variety of recipes and all of them will be free from any contents that are harmful to your health. You can even make a variety of baby foods in this blender. 


  • There is rubber coating on this blender around the motor which keeps the noise low even at high speeds.
  • The 1000W motor works like a charm and it can take care of even the solid ingredients. 
  • Its gear engagement system is exceptional and for this reason, it can produce highly effective results. 
  • There are three different speeds with one pulse function that work to create any type of blend you want. 
  • The blender can make healthy recipes and you can even make baby foods in it. 


  • Disassembling the blades is a bit irksome task. 

Cusinaid Blender

The Cusinaid blender boasts a 1450W motor and it has a glass jar with a volume capacity of 1500ml. It comes with all the bells and whistles including preset programs, varying speed controls with a separate pulse function. This food processor is another smoothie specialist in our ranks. You can blend all types of fruits to create a smoothie that you have always craved for. 

That’s not all. . . You can also make different types of frozen drinks and shakes too. The blades bend on six different planes and when you use them, you will be able to get fast and efficient results in no time. Everything will be in a perfect blend. There are three different speed controls and you can use any of them to create whatever recipe you want. 

Another interesting feature of this blender is the interlocking protection. There are safety locking arms which ensure that the cover is tightly placed on the jug. It guarantees your safety. The glass used in the construction of the jar is free of BPA and is also FDA approved. 


  • Very easy to clean and maintain. 
  • The glass of the just is FDA approved and BPA-free.
  • Three different preset programs or variable speeds that enable you to make any type of blend you like.
  • The interlock protection of this product works exceptionally and keeps you safe. 
  • The 1450W motor makes the blander capable of blending all types of foods without a fuzz. 


  • It does make some noise when running at high speeds. 

Buying Guide

Now the question is how to decide, which one is best for you. There are some important features that you must not ignore if you want to get your hands on the right product. First of all, you need to know what you will be doing with your glass jar blender. Getting the answer to this question will narrow down the options up to a great extent. 

Below we have enlisted and briefly describe these features. 

Things to consider before buying

  • Power

If you want your blender to handle a variety of textures and ingredients, then it must come with varying speed options or pulse actions. For most of the blending tasks, three different speeds are good enough. 

If you want to get over-dramatic then you can also find some options that can provide you with 16 different speed levels as well. If you want to perform quick blending jobs then you need a unit with high wattage but this will also increase the price. 

  • Capacity

Capacity is going to count a lot if you have a large family or you deal with more servings. Blenders can easily hold contents up to 3 liters in volume. So you need to make your decision wisely here. 

If you are going for a large capacity then you need to have matching storage space as well. Space must be able to accommodate your big sized blender conveniently. 

  • Durability

Some of you might think that glass is less durable than plastic but the reality is different. Glass doesn’t scratch or discolor and it won’t absorb any food odors either. If you will be dealing with a lot of hard food then plastic jar will tend to scratch very quickly. Glass jar blenders are very sturdy but they are heavy as well. These blenders will last very long, provided that you must take care of them.

  • Controls 

A number of controls are more of a personal choice or preference. If your difficulty in finding the right speed or time for your blending job then go for touch controls. In such controls the speeds and times are preset. These blenders are very easy to clean due to their flat surface.

  • Safety

You must have a dry storage space because you don’t want your blender to get wet. Furthermore, there must be safety locks as well so that you don’t end up turning it on accidentally. This is critical if you have kids that are with you in the kitchen. Ensure that the blender you are considering come with blades and lids that you can click. In this manner, they will not get loose during your blending job.  

  • Extra features

It is very tempting to buy a blender that is fully loaded with features. But they are expensive as well. There is no point in spending on features that you don’t need or will not use regularly. So don’t overspend like crazy.


The winner of top 5 best blenders with a glass jar roundup turns out to be the Tribest blender. This personal blender is quick in handling different varieties of foods. It comes with two glass jugs with capacities of 16 oz and 42 oz. the blade of this blender features 6 prongs and for this reason, it can blend foods with varying textures. Due to its stainless steel and glass construction, this blender will last for a long time. 

So there you go, now you have all the information you need to buy the best glass blender. If you think that we have missed out on something then reach out to us by commenting in the below section. 

So what you’re blending?

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