We live in a world where a healthy living is of great importance. The need to go on a diet and stay fit is a trend that the current  generation has adopted and I highly  doubt it will stop anytime  soon. Protein shakes are beverages made in less than five minutes and contains protein supplements mixed with milk and water for body building, weight gain, weight loss etc. It goes to show that nutrients  can be gained from a glass of blended fruits and vegetables with essential  supplements. On this note, the best blends of protein shakes depends on the kind of blenders that carry out the task of blending  the required  ingredient for this drink. It is no surprise  that one of the most vital kitchen appliances is given the task  of creating  this under 5 minutes protein shakes.  Quick, smooth and a bit of loud is the process that truly explains  the use of blenders for  protein Shakes. This dietary  plan is dependant on how efficient a Blender is and it goes without  saying that a protein shake is known  to keep  the doctors away.

The ingredients  that are often used when making a protein  shake include soybean, egg whites, almonds, whey powder, diary products, soy milk, nuts etc. Protein shakes may come in different  varieties  like chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and a list of others. Although, the major thing I would  focus  on is the tool that gives the protein shake a thorough mixing and grinding. It takes a great blender to achieve the best mix when it comes to making a well blended  protein shake. People tend to rely on their dose of Shakes based on dietary schedule, so waking up to the sound of a  blender doing its job becomes a routine. Using the best blender always gives the best result in making  protein shake

Essential  Features of a blender

In order to determine  the best blenders we have in the market, it is only reasonable to get the necessary  knowledge on the features that makes up a blender. Blender containers  have three major  material types, they are either  plastic, glass or Stainless Steel and each has its own advantage. The range capacity for any container falls under 8 ounces for small,  10 to 64 ounces for average and 80 ounces for a bigger capacity. The motor size and power is also important  as an average blender can have a motor power within the 100 to 600 watts  and a higher watt of power over the 1,300 watt range,  this determines the ability  of the blender to crush hard food items like nuts, almonds, seeds or even ice. Other features  include the drive sockets and blades, pulsing buttons, speed tuner,cord etc. These features are what an average  blender is modeled to have but due to improvements or upgrades that take place occasionally and different companies that make blenders, we see different  sizes,shapes, colours and improved functions which makes it quite confusing  to know which blender is more in tune with a persons personal needs. As confusing as it might be, it is also a blessing as, the blender with the function you need is surely out there and there are guides to prove this.

The Top 7  Best Blenders For Protein shakes in 2019.

With a New Year comes new improvements  in the blender making business as a lot of people lean towards comfort when shopping  for kitchen appliances. A blender is no exception as this “keep fit era” requires  portable and simple to use features when making blenders for smoothies  or protein shakes. This helps to structure the need and determine the most liked blenders that fulfil that need people may have. This list is based to consumer reviews and improved  upgrades that make the blenders outstanding  compared to others.

Ninja personal Blender for shakes

best blender for protein shakes ninja

The Ninja personal blender  is a customized product that is portable and easy to use. The metal blades enables the crushing  and grinding of almond seeds, nuts or even ice as it gives a suitable result, a tasty puree.This is a modern blender that appeals to this generation as protein shakes, smoothies and healthy food items are put into consideration. It is user friendly.

The 700 watts beauty comes with 2 sip and seal lids for (2)16oz nutri ninja cups. The 50  recipes cookbook gives options on healthy shakes that would keep anyone busy and productive. It is easily detachable except for the bass, this makes it easy to clean. It does not take up space as the small size makes it easy to carry when on the go.

Hamilton Beach personal single serve blender

Motor power  175 watts
Weight 1.85 pounds
Dimensions  4.2*11.5*5.2

Stressed out and running late to work?, This blender is quick  and reliable and essential when you require  the healthy shakes to keep you active through  the day.  The compact size and simple functions  makes it easy to operate. It has as detachable top that is light and can be carried without  difficulty. The measuring lines helps the user to measure  the right quantity  of ingredients  required for whatever puree is needed. It is BPA free and has a conpactable storage capacity.

The Hamilton product  has been known  to be durable with stainless  metal blades that function  effectively when grinding and crushing ice, nuts, almonds  or seeds.  It is a good solution when travelling  as the cord is easily  aligned with the bass and the control is user friendly  and not difficult  to operate.

Pros: It is dishwasher friendly 

          It is durable and simple to use 

           It is portable and can function  as a mug

Con: It does not have a big capacity  for protein shakes

          It does not have dual voltage 

3)Mengk Smoothie blenders professional blenders heavy duty

Motor power  1400 watts
Weight  9.7 pounds
Dimensions  8.9*7.8*19.7 inches

The Mengk blender is a professional  blender with adjustable  time and pulse which makes it easy to regulate speed and 6 solid sharp blades which makes crushing,grinding and mixing more effective. It is easy to use and the plastic material  prevents BPA from affecting fruits,vegtables and other  items when blending. It can be cleaned with the help of a dishwasher and has an automatic  shutdown when the blender runs for long. This blender is bigger in size and has a capacity to hold 8 cups or 64 ounces of puree/grinded food.  It has the capability  to crush ice and is sturdy. There is a 1 year guarantee for the base and 6 months  assurance  for family cup and 3 months for business cup. 

Pro: It has a big capacity with 64 ounces as a limit

      It is good for heavy duty crushing of seeds, almonds I.e hard ingredients 

Con: It is not portable 

  4)Consori blender

Motor power 800watts
Weight 8.95pounds
Dimensions  5.9*8*5.2

This blender  is simple to use and builds on the easy process  of dice, puree and blend. It is a modern fix and a sophisticated  product that one can use.  It has the a few upgraded features  like a travel lid, 2 separate 32oz containers, 24oz containers,  Recipes book which makes blending ingredients for different  recipes quite entertaining. The storage lid makes sure the container  is firm when covered and cleaning brush that makes it easy to clean and maintain  the detachable  and washable  cups. The stainless Steel blade makes it effective for crushing hard ingredients  and ice. The cups are BPA free and the blender itself has a 2 year warranty. It is the best option  when it comes to extraction  of nutrient and you may come to realize  how good a mixologist you are. 

Pro: It is portable  and easy to use

It is fast and  effective to use.

Con: it is now for hot products

     It does not  have a big capacity to hold a lot

5)Sboly Smoothie blender

Motor power  300watts
Weight  3.3pounds
Dimensions  4.7*5.1*13.8

This blender  is really  good  for protein Shakes  and smothies because it is able to mix the nutrients thoroughly after extraction. It keeps the fruits,suppliments,ice and seed, liquid and almonds in a sleek modeled container. It enables  a healthy  lifestyle  as it makes it easy and intriguing  to use. It is safe to use a dishwasher when cleaning the containers. There is a free silicone ice cube tray and also 2 silicone rings that keeps the bottle  sealed as it is installed in the bottle cap and keeps all liquid inside the container. There is also  a free cleaning brush added to the package. It also has travel lid for when a person is on the go. This blender is portable and simple to operate. 

Pro: it is fast and effective  to use

        It has compact feature and safe to use

Con: It cannot hold hot beverage 

      It is fragile and cannot Blend continuously  for more than 1 minute 

it voltage converter has to be used in every  other  location except The USA

6) Omniblend V Commercial blender

Motor power  2238 watts
Weight  9.02pounds
Dimensions  9.4*7.8*17.1

 This blender is one tough cookie, as it has enough  horse power to crush, grind and mix any form of ingredients  and does not leave out ice crushing to its list of its ability. It is heavy  duty and professional  as it goes beyond blending protein shakes. It is safe to use as it is BPA free and Guaranteed to outperform  7 years and this brand is regarded  as a legacy. It is quite durable and it has a built it cooling system  that regulates the motors and keeps it from overheating. It has a maximum  noise level of 85dB and a programmed function that enables auto timing  and buttons that are moisture  proof and it gives a good puree milk shake, smooth  and tasty. 

It is a cord length of 1.6 meters and an input voltage of 120 volts for North American plug. It has a two in one stainless Steel cutting blade.  A resourceful,sturdy and durable are words that define this blender. 

Pro:  it is safe for use as there no chemical that affects any food product

It is durable and reliable 

Con: it is not portable and budget friendly 

     it is not easily  detachable  like most.

7) Golds gym supreme strength  personal power blender

Motor power  300watts
Weight  2.7pounds
Dimensions  5*4.2*6.4inches

 This blender fully fuctions as a personalized  blender.  As it is portable  in size and light in weight. When you feel like getting  on that protein diet without  having to worry about  lumps and hard seed peeking out of the protein shakes, this blender comes in handy  as it is strong and does not scratch easily, it also has safety functions  keeps the cup attached properly and prevents the unit from coming on. It does not give the blended drink a metallic taste and it is easy to carry.  The content that comes along with the packaging  includes a base unit, blending attachment with a travel lid and  20oz cup.

The gold gym blender is a personal dietary  partner. It blends the right amount  to keep one fit and Is sure to go the long distance. 

Pro: It is portable 

        It is budget friendly

        It also happens  to be very simple  to use with a switch  button to on and off

Con: Replacement blade parts do not come easily 

        It does not have the capacity  to bend more than  one serving 

                 It is really  important  for every household  to have a blender and vital for anyone  who needs to find motivation  in the weight loss and healthy  living lane.  The need for a protein shake  goes beyond routine, it becomes a lifestyle that only the best blender can provide. So make it a lifstyle

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