The housewives love anything that will ease their work in the kitchen. Today is the age of machine and technology. Almost everything which was done by hand is now done through machines. Main kitchen appliances include fridge, freezer, oven, blender, juicer and so much more. Each of them has their own role in making things faster and easier for its users.

Ease in the Kitchen:

YouTube provides almost every type of recipe of every cuisine available out there. While some recipes involve blending things up to make different ingredients as one. For this reason, you need the best blenders

What is a Blender?

 A blender is one of the most favorite appliances of a housewife. It makes things much easier and faster in the cooking process. A blender is a machine which has the ability to blend different ingredients into one form as required. There are companies which produce the best blenders which are Vitamix blender, Oster Versa Blender, Ninja Nutri Blender and many more.

How Blender Works:

A basic blender consists of a jar with a blade attached to its bottom from the inside, a machine onto which the jar is attached. The machine of the Blender contains electric functioning. When electricity is supplied, the motor in the machines turns on which make the blade in the jar move at a very fast speed. The speed of the blender is also controllable. The speed limit is often mentioned on the machine. The sharpness of the blade turns the ingredients or the food into a processed form as required.

Why you need a Blender?

Blender can make your multiple tasks simple and fast. Following are a few reasons for you to have a Blender:

  • You don’t need to chop things up into tiny pieces.
  • You can easily make milkshakes and smoothies.
  • There are cake recipes are out there in which all you need to do is put everything in the Blender and blend things up. And there you have your cake batter ready to bake.

How to Clean your Blender?

Cleaning your blender well is really important. You can easily clean your Blender by adding warm water and a dishwashing liquid into the blender. Turn on the blender and your Blending jar will bubble up. Rinse it, and you have yourself a clean Blender with you.

The smell from your Blender?

Many of the Blender users experience some sort of smell from their blending jar. No matter they use the best blender, they still might face this problem. Following are five types of Smells that you might experience from your Blender

  1. Your Blender smells like Rotten:

One of the type of smell you might experience with your smell is that of rotten. This might be because of the food that you have processed in the Jar. Maybe its smells are of eggs because whatever bowl or plate has egg in it, it gets the smell of the egg in it which feels like rotten.

  1. You can smell your food:

A very common type of smell that is experienced from a blending jar is that of the food itself which is processed in it. Usually, if you make protein shakes in your blending jar, the smell of protein powder remains in the jar for a longer time.

  1. Did you blend Plastic?

People complain that when they blend, it smells like plastic is burning. It is because of the problems in the wiring of your Blending machine.

  1. Something is Smoking:

People experience the smell of smoke coming from their blender. It is important to check your machine because there might be a problem with your blending motor.

  1. Smells like something is Burning:

Another type of smell which is most commonly experience is the burnt smell. This is dangerous because the reason is what you need to be alert of. The burnt smell indicates that you might have some problem with your blender machine. Maybe your machine is getting to much load from the heavy blending of your food. 

Why your Blender smells like Burning?

When you smell like you Vitamix is burning, do not ignore it at all. Because it might be a serious problem with your blending machine. It is usually the motor which causes the trouble. When the pressure on the blade is over its capacity, the motor works harder to make the blades do their work. In doing so, the motor gets heated up as this process requires the machine to use more electric pressure than usual. If the capacity of the motor exceeds its limit, your motor might get burnt. Some also have experienced smoke coming out of the blending machine. 

What to do if your blender is burnt?

If you experience this situation. Firstly, turn off your machine immediately because it is dangerous. Your machine might just explode with overheating. Let your machine rest for a good 15 to 20 minutes. Do not touch or try to experiment with it unless you are an expert. Because your blender might explode. Once you feel your machine has cooled down, look at the motor and its fan inside. If it’s burnt, you can see it. 

Take your blender machine to someone who knows how to handle it. 

How to get rid of the smell?

Once all the issues have been resolved, you might still get the bad smell from your Blending jar. It is recommended to get that smell out first and then use it again or otherwise your other food will get that older smell as well.

A simple tip to get rid of the smell is to use vinegar. It does magic in getting that irritating smell out of your precious blending jar. Another tip is that try to use best blending jars to avoid electric issues with your blenders. 

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