A number of things will be important to your choice of juicing apple. For instance, you can choose a number of apples from the very sweet to the very tart to have a complex flavor when preparing apple juice. You might choose a sweeter variety if you want to add apples to a vegetable juice so that you do not have to add sugar; if you make fruit juice, the sweetness of the rest of the fruit will be offset with an apple. Many people compares apples depending on the amount of fiber and sweetness found in them. Generally, only flavonoids (a pigment component that may help with heart diseases) and polyphenolic compounds (which may help antioxidant activity) make a distinct difference between their nutritional content. So, here are our top selections for the best juicing apples:

1. Honeycrisp Apple

Honeycrisp Apples

Honeycrisps are first in our list. The Honeycrisps are a hybrid apple that was created in Minnesota in the beginning of the 1960s. In fact, University of Minnesota (UM) used to have a patent for these apples which means that they had to pay up to $1.30 to UM when someone purchased a yielding Honeycrisp. Isn’t it a great fact? Today’s supply has a difficult time keeping up with consumer demand, because Honeycrisp is highly maintained and takes time to produce enough fruit. Unfortunately, this also means that delicious Honeycrisps can cost us up to 4 times more than other popular apples.

They are popular both for their flavor and texture and have a nice sweet-tart balance, with a slightly “coarse structure.” You can eat them as they are, bake or make delicious juice, fresh pressed, naturally sweet and not necessary anything for sweetness, for our intentions and purposes. Bear in mind that Honeycrisps should be considered an ingredient of luxury juice since you pay them a premium.

2. Gala Apple

gala apple

Gala apples are among the most popular apples in the world and rank second behind the Red Delicious variation in the United States, crosses between Golden Delicious and Kidd’s Orange Red apples. Originally, gala apples were found in New Zealand in the 1930s before being sold in most parts of the US by the mid-1960s. The Queen Elizabeth II even gave them royal acceptance.

They are beautifully colored on a pale yellow background with red-blashed, pink orange stripes. You can easily find them throughout the year in the grocery stores, but many homeowners like to grow their own Gala apple trees home. And you cannot blame them. The taste of a newly chosen Gala apple is totally unrivaled to one who has been sitting on the shop for days. They have a well-balanced taste with a hint of vanilla and sweet and tart. Gala apples are a very affordable ingredient for juicing, so it is easier for you to afford.

These apples give you a sweet-tasting juice of course so that you don’t have to worry about adding another to the sweet. Gala apples are harvested early in the season and are usually smaller in size than other popular apples. Use 3-4 apples for each cup of juice.

3. Red Delicious Apple

Red Delicious Apple

Red Delicious apple is the world’s leading apple in the U.S. and accounts for about 50 percent of Washington State exports to other countries. In the mid of 1770s on a farm in Peru, Iowa, Red Delicious Apple was found. A medium to large apple with an interesting nutritional profile and its deep, boring colour, mild to prominent sweet. Although they are widespread, since the 1980s their popularity has decreased. Consumers start to shy off because they are cultivated to look over taste.

Red Delicious apples are among the cheapest varieties of the popular ones, so you can make a lot of juice. You may use 3 apples per cup of juice, depending on their size.

4. Rome Apple

Rome Apple

The apples of Rome, named after a city in Ohio, are a shiny to deep-red, crunchy variety with a slightly sweet flavor from the beginning of 1800. Although they are a popular choice of apples, they are also excellent for making fresh juice. It has a sweet and tangy flavor as a juice. Don’t panic if you’ve cut one off and see a rose or slightly reddish color inside!

The red pigmentation below the skin of the Rome apple can “seep” into and penetrate the flesh and change the colour. This is a natural and totally harmless occurrence. These are also cheap apples per pound, so you won’t have much to worry about. In general, Rome apples are large apples and produce a good amount of juice. For a cup of juice you will need 3-4 apples.

5. Granny Smith Apple

Granny Smith Apple

Because of its low sugar content, it is frequently employed in juicing rosettes by health enthusiasts, the Granny Schmith green apple is named after Maria Ann Smith, an Australian-British orcharist. They came from Australia in the mid of 1800s and eventually became popular all along the 1900s, beginning with Great Britain in 1935, gaining worldwide recognition through the 1960s and finally reaching the United States. In the early seventies, the market.

The fruit is bright green in color and has a very tart acidic taste, which softens when the apple matures. If you’re after delicious sweetness in your juice, Granny Smith apples won’t be the right choice for you as they are more on the acidic and tart side. These apples are more suitable for mixing with other products and are commonly used in green juices, which combine the bitter and the grassy tastes to enhance the flavor of the juice. They provide high levels of potassium and antioxidants. Granny Smith apples are often very affordable, so you should have no trouble purchasing a permanent supply. 3 medium apples are expected for one glass juice.


What are the best juicing apples? Your criteria completely depend on what are you looking for. We have chosen our favorites and offered you lots of possibilities to select best juicing apples. But don’t be afraid to go and select any other breed that seems interesting or exciting. Whatever their shapes are, apples add nutrition to the juices. No matter what method you use, by losing peeling off their skin, you will miss many of the great nutritional benefits of apples. Do your best to maintain their skin if you want an extra intake of dietary fiber, additional antioxidants and more vitamins and minerals. That means use the best juicer for healthy extract of apples.

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