There are more than thousands of different blender models in the market. Many people can recommend any model, but we can’t say that’s the perfect choice for you. Because everyone has different usage and budget.

There are three easy steps to choose the best blender for yourself. 

1. Type of blenders

As we all know that there are four types of blenders. This is the part where most people get confused. They don’t know which one to consider so and which one will fulfill their needs.

Immersion Blenders:

These are also called hand blenders because basically, these are hand held blenders. But they can support a lot of accessories. The size of these blenders is so perfect that you can carry them anywhere with yourself.

Even if you are away from home you don’t have to worry about anything, just pick it up and take it with yourself. But as their size is small, their sound is not. They can be really annoying because of that.

They don’t even take much space in your kitchen so don’t worry you can put them anywhere and relax. Most of them are not made to handle hard vegetables. So that’s something you should keep in mind. But because of their compact size, they are so easy to clean. It takes only 1 minute clean them.

They can’t really support a huge volume, so if you are making for a lot of people, then you will have to use it more than once.

Personal Bullet Blenders:

So, if you are going to serve one or two shakes, then this is the best option for you. The reason they are called bullet blenders is that they have a bullet-shaped blending cup. The size of these blenders is not that much. They come in small-medium size; it really depends on the model you choose. Because of that, they don’t take much space.

The blending cup is perfect for serving one more person. You need to take care of one thing that blades in this blender are not quite friendly with a dishwasher so you will clean them by hand.

Countertop Blenders

Countertop blenders are much more powerful than hand blenders. But unlike high-performance blenders or even personal bullet blenders they are not quite good with all kinds of ingredients, it’s true that they can deal with a wide range of ingredients but most of the models can’t.

They are quite noisy. Because of their size, they can take a lot of your storage space. They are also not easy to clean. But they are not that expensive, so if you have a tight budget, then this is the right choice for you.

High-Performance Blenders

You can read it in the name; this type is the most powerful type of blenders. You can throw anything at them, and they will blend it easily. All professional people use these blenders. The smooth texture that they give to your shakes will really make it a good experience for you.

They are quite consistent at their job. But because of their huge size, they take a lot of storage space. You will need to clear out somethings from your kitchen if you have a small one.

They can easily make more than one serving at one time. But because of their performance, they are also quite expensive. If you have a tight budget, then this will not suit you. No matter what type of recipe are you trying, you won’t have to worry about the motor.

These were the four main types of blenders; there are also some other types of blenders like Juicer-Blender combo, if you are stuck between a juicer and blender, then this is the option for you.

You can get both jobs done by only buying one thing. Battery operated blenders are also called portable blenders; you can take them with yourself and make a fresh smoothie whenever you want, like if you are going on a picnic or a long trip.

There’s also one more type of blender like battery operated, and that’s a gas blender. If you are out camping or having a bonfire, then this will suit you.

2. Model of Blender

You can’t skip this step because in this step you will have to ensure that the model you are buying is right for you or not. First of all, you need to focus on the number of people you are going to serve. If your family is big, then you will need something that can make more servings at one time.

After that, you will need to see that if it suits your storage space or not. Size really matters. Cleanup can sometimes be frustrating so make sure you are buying something that is easy to clean, and some blenders have a complicated way to clean even.

The blending options you get with your blender. If the blender gives you control over its speed, then you can try a lot of different things. You will also need to look out for the power of its motor. Can it perform well with every kind of ingredient? If you are a person that only uses it occasionally then maybe you should buy a blender which is not much expensive.

And the last thing that you need to keep in your mind is your blender durable? If your blender can perform well even after a lot of use, then that’s the perfect option for you.

3. Maintenance of the blender

Taking care of your blender is really important. If you don’t have enough knowledge on how to clean your blender, then it can make problems for you.

If you make one wrong decision and your blender is broken, then you really need to see if you can afford the maintenance of that blender. Are the parts of that blender available locally? It can also make a big problem for you if the parts of that blender are expensive.

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